Relation Between Elevated Liver Enzyme and Hepatitis

How to know if we have Elevated Liver Enzyme? The first step to identify liver damage is a blood test. Blood tests can identify liver enzymes in the blood. This enzyme must be in the liver under normal conditions. This enzyme can mix into the bloodstream when your liver is injured. The most common enzymes in the liver are aminotransferase or AST and alanine aminotransferase or ALT. The enzyme is in the liver cells. The liver cells will shed the enzyme into the blood. Increased level of enzymes in the blood is a sign of liver damage.

What is AST?

AST will catalyze the chemical reactions that occur in liver cells. The amino group will move from the donor to the blood recipient. This is a medical term that confuses you. This enzyme has another name called transaminase. AST is called serum. This enzyme can be found in the brain, kidneys, muscles, heart, and liver. The enzyme will lose when the organ is damaged. If you have muscle problems and heart attacks, the serum level will increase. This enzyme cannot be an indicator of specific liver damage. ALT can be found in the liver. This enzyme can also be found in other organs but the liver is the organ that has the largest source of this enzyme. The wound in the liver will cause this enzyme to enter the bloodstream. This enzyme can be an appropriate indicator for the liver case. Normal levels for AST are 5 to 40 units per liter. Normal levels for AST are 7 to 56 units per liter.

Elevated Liver Enzyme and Hepatitis

ALT and AST has been an indicator of liver damage but you must remember that higher enzyme levels than normal conditions should not be directly regarded as the liver disease. Maybe it can happen because of other factors. The identification of elevated levels of the enzyme should be performed by the physician with much experience when evaluating for liver disease. The level of the enzyme does not have a good correlation with prognosis. ALT and AST levels cannot be used to determine the level of liver disease. High levels of this enzyme can be found in liver abnormalities. This can be due to the death of liver cells in large quantities. Usually, this occurs in acute hepatitis B or A conditions. The condition definitely causes liver damage due to your acetaminophen poisoning. You can also experience shock due to lack of fresh blood.


Actually, the increase of liver enzyme from mild to the moderate level is the normal condition. This increase can indeed be found in unexpected conditions such as blood tests in healthy humans. Usually, the enzyme has twice the number of normal levels. The most contributing factor to this increase is fatty liver. Fatty liver can be caused by alcohol consumption. Obesity and diabetes mellitus can also cause fatty liver. Increased enzymes can also be caused due to acute hepatitis C.

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The Medication

There are several drugs that can cure abnormal enzyme levels in your liver. The drug consists of drugs for pain relief, anti-seizure medication, antibiotics, antidepressant drugs, drugs to lower cholesterol, and so forth. That is the explanation of does elevated liver enzyme means hepatitis?

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