Does Drink Too Much Water Make You Bloated?

I am sure that most of you know that water is very good for our body. There are a lot of advantages that people can get from drinking a lot of water. Water can also be useful as the best traditional treatment for solving some healthy problems. However, do you know whether water can be bad for our body or not? Does it give us a bad effect if we drink too much water? Does drink too much water make you bloated? Well, we are going to discuss about the bloating and how is the relation between water and bloating below.

What is bloating?

Bloating is a condition when you have an abnormal gas swelling. People will feel that their stomach is full and there is a lot of gas inside. They will feel uncomfortable with this condition. This is a kind of digestive system problem. It is a common condition which is usually happened to most people in this world. It is not a kind of a serious problem. People can solve this problem by drinking a warm drink and put the medicated oil to their tummy.

There are some reasons of the bloating tummy. It can be caused by consuming a lot of coke. Coke is contains of gas which make and increase the amount of gas inside your stomach. If you are someone who like to chew the gum, you might get the big risk of bloating. Because you only chew the gum without swallow it. You might swallow a lot of gas inside your tummy. Then, if you are too much talking while eating, it can be cause of the bloating.

There are some kinds of food which can make you bloated. People who like to consume kinds of vegetables which are member of gassy food. It is good not consuming too much cabbage, avocado, and broccoli. All of these foods can cause you bloated. Then, eating too much of salty food also can increase the risk of bloating. It can make you to feel puffy because it causes water retention.

The relation between drinking too much water and bloating

I am sure that most of you are confused whether drinking a lot of water can be one of the reason of bloating or not. Well, there is no direct relation between drink too much water and bloating. However, if you drink a lot of water using a straw, it can cause a bloating. You will take a lot of gas inside your tummy if your drink a water using a straw. It is better to drink directly from a glass.

Drinking a lot of water will not make your stomach bloated. You can use water to solve the bloating problem. It can help you to throw away the gas from the oral and anal, if you drink a lot of warm water.

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So, if somebody ask you does drink too much water make you bloated, you have to say no. It doesn’t cause the tummy bloated. Even, it can help to prevent and treat the bloating.

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