Correct Dosage for Infant Fever Reducer

What do you feel if your child get a fever? I think most of you will give a treatment for their child, then if the body temperature is not reduce, I am sure that you will be so panic and take your children to the doctor. Then, is there any medicine which can help to reduce the fever, especially for infant? Well, now, we are going to tell you about the special medicine. It is a little remedies medicine which might be the good choice for your child. Then, how about the little remedies infant fever reducer dosage for your beloved one? Well, we are going to tell you below.

What is little remedies?

Little remedies is a kind medicine used for reducing the fever and relieving the pain. It is a safe medicine which can help to bring down your child body temperature. This product contains of no aspirin and ibuprofen, so it will be an effective medicine to your child fever. There are two kinds of flavors which might be interesting for your children. You can choose between grape and cherry flavors. It contains of acetaminophen which is useful as a pain reliever and fever reducer.

Little remedies infant fever reducer dosage

You have to pay attention to the dosage of the medicine usage. You can see the instruction about how much dosage that you need based on your children age and weight. This medicine provide a dosing cup inside the box. You can use the dosing cup to get the appropriate dosage for your child. If it is needed, you can repeat until 4 dosage for the usage of this medicine. However, do not give until 5 dosage for 24 hours or in a day, because it can cause the risks of over dosage. It can be the ideal medicine for the children which are around two until 12 years old. If your children is under 2 years, you have to ask to the doctor for its safety. Then, if your child is 2 – under 4 years, you need to take 5 mL. You have to give 7,5 mL for this syrup for the children are around 4 – under 6 years old. You need to take 10 mL for the child which is around 6 – under 9 years old. You can take until 12,5 mL for 9- under 11 years old. Last, You have to take 15Ml for 11- under 12 years old child.

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You have to be aware about the risk that you might get if you take the over dosage. If you take more than 5 dosage daily. You have to be careful for your liver. The substance of this medicine might cause the liver damage. It can cause the sore throat and any allergic. Moreover, you need to ask to the doctor if you find any other different symptoms, such as redness. Then, if your pain is not getting well more than 5 days, you need to call the doctor. Then, if the fever is not getting better more than 3 days, it is better to check to your doctor.

So, here all about little remedies infant fever reducer dosage that you might to know. You can take this medicine to reduce your child fever, but you have to pay attention to its dosage.

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