Self Diagnoses And The Best Treatments For Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis was the sexually transmitted infection or we known as the STD. This infection had been caused by the single-protozoan, usually can be found in vaginal and urethral tissues as well. Although this condition is most often occur in women, trichomoniasis infection also can occur in men as well. However, men often have no symptoms at all. For those who had been diagnosed with trichomoniasis will need recommendation for the best trichomoniasis treatments for men and women.

The symptoms

In women, the trichomoniasis infection can live inside the vaginal for several years without showing any symptoms. If so, they can include of:

  • The discharge has yellow or greenish color and has unusual odor
  • Feeling pain or itchy in vaginal
  • Feeling pain during sex activity in vaginal
  • Irritation and swelling around the vaginal opening area.

Just in rare case, there is inconvenience on lower abdomen. The symptoms can be worse during the menstrual period. Although men usually have no symptom, sometime they experience irritation and inflammation on the tip of penis as well. Sometimes, they also getting discomfort during urinate and the discharge on the end of penis as well.

The diagnoses

When you had been described your symptoms, the doctor will check your vagina or urethra for abnormal discharge and inflammation. Your doctor might perform pelvis exam for men as well. during the exam, your doctor will gather the specimen with the swab and send it to the lab to be checked.

Trichomoniasis can be diagnosed by checking the parasites under microscope in laboratory. This is because those who have trichomoniasis induction were more likely to exposure with other STD’s. So you doctor might suggest you to get several tests for Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV and syphilis.

There are several tests to diagnose trichomoniasis

To find out whether you have trichomoniasis or not, your doctor might:

  • Perform pelvis exam, usually for men
  • Using the swab to take fluid sample on vaginal to find out whether there is parasite under microscope as mentioned above.
  • Laboratory test, such as DNA or fluid culture. The culture test will use the urine or swab from your vagina then need to be checked on laboratory. Usually take time around a week so the parasite grows enough to be seen.

The best treatments

This infection was best to be treated with metronidazol oral or tinidazole as well. Although this metronidazol gel was available, this is not recommended because it is less effective as the medication that you need to be taken by mouth. To prevent getting this infection in the future, all of sex partners of the infected person should be treated and do not have sex activity after the treatment is done. Performing the best trichomoniasis treatments for men and women based on your doctor’s recommendation.

The prevention action

Because this trichomoniasis is able to be transmitted during sexual activity, you can help to prevent this infection by”

  • Having sex with only one uninfected partner
  • You do not have sex
  • Using condom for male latex during sexual activity consistently


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