The relation between diabetes and acanthosis nigricans

Have you ever heard about acanthosis nigricans? Have you ever seen someone with the thick and dark skin folded on some body areas? Then, I am sure that you are really curious about this kind of disease, the causes, symptoms and any other things. I believe that most of you want really to know about the relation between acanthosis nigricans with diabetes. How the diabetes impact to the acanthosis nigricans? Well, we are going to tell you details about the relation between diabetes and acanthosis nigricans below. You will understand more about it after reading and following this article.

What is acanthosis nigricans?

Acanthosis nigricans is a condition in which the skin becomes black or darker, it is folded and looks so thick. Then, you will see it looks like a velvet. Your skin will be thicker and produce a bad smell. It is usually found in some skin areas, such as: armpit, groin and neck. This skind disorder is usually attacked someone with obesity and diabetes mellitus. Then, there are some symptoms that you have to know. When you get acanthosis nigricans, your skin will be darker and thicker. You can feel itchy and always want to scratch on it. Sometimes, it will be so stinky.

You don’t need to be too worry about this condition. I am sure that you will feel embarrassed about this condition. Your friend might yell at you because of this skin disorder. First, you have to lose your weight. This skin condition can be caused by the obesity. You need to do diet and lose your weight to solve this problem. Second, you can reduce the supplements consumption which might not appropriate to your skin. The supplements may cause allergic to your skin. Third, if it doesn’t work, the doctor may advise you to do an injury. However, before doing that injury, you can do some simple treatments which might solve this problem without injury. People have to wash the skin with the special soap or antibacterial soap to remove the dark skin. You can buy the special cream to solve this skin disorder. You just need to wipe the skin with the medicine. Or asking the correct medicine from the doctor would be helpful.

Acanthosis nigricans and diabetes

What is the relation between acanthosis nigricans with diabetes? Well, one of the cause of this skin disorder is diabetes. People who suffer diabetes might have the big risk of acanthosis nigricans. It is related to the insulin resistance. People who suffer diabetes type 2, has a lot of insulin production. If your body produce too much insulin, it can affect to the skin cells activity. And for the result, it can cause some kinds of skin disorder, like acanthosis nigricans.

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We have learnt about what acanthosis nigricans is, the symptoms and some treatment to solve that disease. We have known that the causes of acathosis nigricans are obesity and diabetes. So, it is a must to learn more about The relation between diabetes and acanthosis nigricans. Then, we can prevent the risk of this kind of disease.

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