Dengue Fever Pronunciation

Talking about the dengue fever pronunciation can be something interesting and it can be really important too sometimes since it will affect much to the understanding of the person who we are talking to. Sure, the wrong pronunciation will be a bit risky as well. That is including in the medical field. The wrong pronunciation will affect a misunderstanding. That can be really risky of course, especially in a medical field. That is the reason why we need to know and to learn about how to pronounce the medical term properly in order to avoid the misunderstanding or at least to lower the risk of the misunderstanding. Many of us have known many medical terms but not all of them know well about how to pronounce those terms. That is including for the term of dengue fever which many people still do not even know how to pronounce it properly in a right way. That is why it is a good idea to start learning about this term. We also need to know about how to pronounce it in a right way and to know about the meaning and anything related to this term. It will be really helpful if we know about every single medical terms properly including about the dengue fever which we are going to discuss below.

How to Pronounce ‘Dengue Fever’?

The dengue fever pronunciation is actually really unique and actually it would not be that really difficult to be remembered. The term is from two different words. They are ‘dengue’ which is pronounced as / ˈdeŋ.ɡi / and ‘fever’ which is pronounced as / ˈfiːvə(r) /. To pronounce the term, there are two different ways. In British English, the pronunciation for Dengue Fever is /ˌdeŋɡi ˈfiːvə(r) /. Then, in American English, the pronunciation is /ˌdeŋɡi ˈfivər /. Sure, it is really important to be familiar with this pronunciation of the dengue fever. That will be helpful in lowering the risk of the misunderstanding. That is the aim in learning about the pronunciation of the various terms.

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What to Know about ‘Dengue Fever’?

Besides the pronunciation, it is also great to know well about the term of Dengue Fever. So, what is Dengue fever actually? It can be defined as the disease or the health problem which is caused by the dengue virus. One of the symptoms is of course the typical high fever. This is a kind of mosquito borne disease. The symptoms of the dengue fever will be seen about 4-6 days after the patient is infected by this virus. They will also last up to about ten days. Some of the common symptoms of this disease are high fever which comes in sudden, headache, muscle and joint pain, nausea, fatigue, nausea till vomiting, and fatigue. There will also be the skin rash which will be seen about three to five days after the symptom begins. That is including the common bleeding as like gum bleeding gum and nose bleed. Blood test will be required to diagnose this disease. The key for the treatment of this disease is taking plenty of the water. Sure, getting to know much about dengue fever will be a good thing including to know about dengue fever pronunciation and definition.

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