Does cracking knuckles cause the arthritis?

Many people are feeling guilty after cracking or popping their knuckles. Some of them do it to relieve stress or just out of habit as well. But, you might ever hear that there is a common believe, does cracking knuckles cause arthritis? Is that really true? What their relation? And more

Firstly, we should understand about what the knuckles were actually built of. Every knuckle is the joint or point where the two bones were met. The ligaments and the other tissues also hold the bones together and each joint also was filled by special fluid which known as the synovial fuild that can help them to move smoothly as we do.

Cracking your knuckles and arthritis

When you start cracking your knuckles by giving pressure on the joint, the join getting separated. The pressure on your joint was released that cause this joint’s synovial fluid along release the gas, the gas will travel into the joint which create the crack or pop sound as its heard. Did you ever notice that it takes for a while before you can crack your knuckles again after you had been done once before? This is because the gas which creates the crack sound should be formed in this joint’s synovial fluid again.

There are some researches that had been conducted regarding the correlation between cracking knuckles with the incidence of the arthritis. While it may possible to cause the problem down of the road, the cracking knuckles had been not proven to relate with incident of arthritis. In order to arthritis develop in knuckles; it should need to be getting injury in the cartilage closer with the knuckles. The cracking knuckles might not cause this significance damage.

While the cracking your knuckles also relate directly with arthritis, it can lead other problems with the tissue in your hands. When you habitually stretch out your ligaments inside your hands can cause the functional incapacities, such as: having issue with gripping an object or inflammation on hand’s tissue.

So, next question, if cracking your knuckles does not cause the arthritis, what does? The arthritis in hand will increase along with age as well. This is mean that getting older you are and the more you use your hand over your lifetime, the most likely to develop the arthritis. Well, you can contact your doctor if you suspect that you are having arthritis in your hand. There are many available treatment options, from the food supplement therapy and vary medications as well.

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Some researches even suggest that cracking your knuckles might bring several benefits. A study shown that examined the pre and posts the cark along which also including of knuckles from the non crackers in order to find out the problems, including of the hand swelling or gripping ability. The knuckles cracker shown that there was no hand problem, according to the CNN article. As mentioned before that arthritis is caused by aging, genetic predisposition and excessive stress as well. However, arthritis was not inevitable.

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