Does Coconut Water Good For Diabetes? Find The Answer Here!

Many people who suffered from diabetes then drink coconut water felt that they got healthier. Is true or just coincide? Found the answer on the following explanation. However, before collecting the answer, you need to know more about coconut water first.

The benefits of coconut water

To begin with, coconut water is actually has many nutrients. Every cup of coconut water contains 5.8 mg of vitamin C, 0.3 mg of manganese, 0.1 mg of riboflavin, 252 mg of sodium, 57.6 mg of calcium, 600 mg of potassium as well as 60 mg of magnesium. All of these nutrients will help to keep the fluctuation of blood sugar, especially for potassium and sodium.

Numbness in feet, kidney failure as well as blurry vision is common problem often experienced by diabetic patient. Coconut water is actually has the ability to overcome these problems. How could it be? It works by improving the circulation of blood through the widening process of the blood vessels. Therefore, the improvement of blood circulation will be a great help to overcome those problems. Besides that, coconut water also has the ability to heal other diabetic disorder such as atherosclerosis.

Coconut water for diabetic patient

Based on the statement of Journal of Medicinal Food in February 2015, coconut water passed the safety test for diabetes. It such a good news for people who suffer from this disease since coconut water has much natural sugar. When you want to enjoy the tasty and natural sugar, you only need to take some sips of coconut water. However, something in too much amount is never been good. It goes the same regarding the amount of coconut water you drink. Even though coconut water believed as one of the healthy drinks, you should not forget that it has fructose. Not to ruin your happy news, the fructose found in coconut water is actually not too high.  It is around 15%. Still, it will be even better to mind that fructose has the property to interfere the level of blood sugar.

So, what is the proper amount of drinking coconut water? We suggest that you do not drink it more than 8 ounces or 250 ml twice in a day. Please mind as well, that it is better to consume coconut water in the natural form. If you add too many additional ingredients, it might loosen the benefits offered by coconut water.

When you consume coconut water naturally, you need to be sure that you take the right part as well. Take the water of green coconut only. Do not take the milky substance. This substance called the pulp and it has high concentration of sugar as well as fat. In other words, it should be highly avoided by someone who suffers from diabetic illness.

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Based from above explanation, you do need to be hesitating to drink coconut water if you suffer from diabetes. We hope that these information are enough to answer the question of does coconut water help diabetes.

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