The benefit of coconut oil for keratosis pilaris


What are the truth benefits of coconut oil for keratosis pilaris medication? The keratosis pilaris is skin condition where it forming the patches on skin with red and rough bumps. These bumps usually appear in cheek, buttock, and arms. Because of excess production on keratin, the hair follicles get clogged and make bumps.  Coconut oil is one natural remedy for keratosis pilaris. Despite from other method for heal keratosis pilaris, this coconut oil become one method that effective and fast method.  The coconut oil helps to heal keratosis pilaris by these reasons:

  • Coconut oil has lauric acid that will break up the keratin buildup that clog haur folicels, the causes of keratosis pilaris
  • Coconut oil has anti-bacterial agent that will prevent the occurrence from keratosis pilaris in future
  • This oil has anti-inflammatory agent that will reduce the redness and inflammation.
  • The oil has capability to penetrate skin that moisture and sanitize skin from inside. With this capability, the healing result is faster.

How to use coconut oil for keratosis pilaris treatment

Want to use this great oil for your keratosis pilaris? Here is method that you need to do daily for best result. The steps are consider from 3 steps, exfoliate, rinse and massage.

  • Exfoliate. Use smooth loofah, exfoliate gently the affected area with keratosis pilaris and scrub with coconut oil. This step will make surer the area is clean and ready for next step. This also will remove the dead skin cell.
  • Rinse. After exfoliate skin, then rinse with apple cider vinegar and pat dry gently.
  • Massage. Massage the affected skin with coconut oil for a minute gently. This massage also will make coconut oil penetrate deeply into skin.
  • Moisturize. Use coconut oil body butter to moist your skin.
  • Besides of topical treatment, there also recommended for consume 1-3 tablespoons coconut oil that will help to treat keratosis pilaris. With this treatment, you can see the result within week as the size will lessen. After the 3-4 weeks, you will get the smooth and radiant skin with regular treatment.

Guide tips to use coconut oil for keratosis pilaris

There are several tips that can help you to treat keratosis pilaris better and effectively.

  • Avoid use gels, cream, lotions, and soaps that contain with sulphate, paraben and dimenthicone

This harsh chemical can make worsen keratin.

  • Take fish oil supplement or omega 3 supplements. Deficiency of omega 3 can make keratosis pilaris worsen.
  • Avoid eat dairy product and wheat as this products known can make keratosis pilaris worsen.
  • Consume food that have low glycemic index.  Eat right food that will not trigger your keratosis pilaris.

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Recipe for using coconut oil

You can make coconut oil sugar scrub that you use for exfoliate step. Mix 1 tablespoon sugar with 2 tablespoon coconut oil and stir well the ingredients and massage gently in few minutes. Use brown sugar for better result and add extra 1 tablespoon lemon juice and honey for extra benefits. For having best result, use purest coconut oil for having extra benefit of coconut oil for keratosis pilaris.

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