Benefits of Coconut Oil to Helps Arthritis and How It Works

Does coconut oil helps arthritis? Perhaps this is a question which is mostly asked by those which still unsure about the power of natural remedy. Arthritis is known to be a joint disease which is truly painful and might disturb the daily activities. The swelling and stiffness felt by sufferers will restrict the mobility so that it make simple thing is quite easy to be done. Even though numerous people with this health problem choose take prescription medications to relieve arthritis, some others prefer to use more natural remedy in order to minimize the pain. Coconut oil is one of natural remedies often used as effective treatment for this disease since it is low in cost. But, how actually it works to make this disease better?

Relieve inflammation

Arthritis is known to come with inflammation and coconut oil helps to relieve it. Those with arthritis commonly will experience inflamed joints so that that will be difficult to move around as well do task although it is considered as easy. A massage using a mixture of coconut oil and aloe vera is renowned not only reducing the inflammation which happen in the joints but also get rid of the pain related with the swelling too. Coconut oil also makes the bones stronger as well as performs as agents that soothe the arthritis pain felt in the bones and joints.

Pain Reliever

Coconut oil actually works as a natural reliever so that it is commonly used by those with arthritis. In order to relieve the painful feeling, you need to warm up coconut oil which is mixed with few pieces of camphor. Use the mixture to massage deeply into the area where the joints feel painful. The combination of camphor and warm coconut oil will add the blood supply into the problematic joints which cause painful feeling. This will give warming effect and relieve the amount of pain felt.

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Provide Lubrication

Having a self-massage with coconut oil after taking a hot shower or bath will help to lubricate the joints that commonly turn to be stiff as the result of arthritis. The stiffness which occurs in the joints is actually what makes people with arthritis face some difficulties when they want to move or do any task. The warm coconut oil helps to grease the joints in the body and make them remain in loose condition so that it increases the mobility. The oil joints play important role to support people in moving their parts of body. The presence of oil joints actually makes your body remains flexible to move around. Coconut oil also helps increasing the blood circulation inside the joints. When you apply coconut oil in the body, you can apply it light like when you use skin lotions. In order to minimize the amount of stiffness you feel or to make the joints remain lubricated, you can just simply apply the coconut oil after take a bath or prior to performing physical exercise. This reason actually becomes prove to the question does coconut oil helps arthritis.

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