How to use coconut oil for keratosis pilaris

Of course, we all love to have smooth, radiant and clear skin. However, as we know that our skin was prone to be susceptible into vary environmental that can cause zits, bumps, rashes, patches and more. One of common skin condition is keratosis pilaris (KP) which also known as the “chicken skin”/ this is usually forming of small and rough bump and patches in several body parts, such as: upper arms, cheeks, legs, buttock and thighs as well. Although they tend will disappear by their own as we getting older, you need to be patient enough to wait that time come to you. The coconut oil also one of the best available options to treat keratosis pilaris. Sometimes, we also wonder whether we can take benefit of cocoa butter keratosis pilaris or not.  if you prefer using cocoa butter, ensure that it contains of essential coconut oil. But this is better to use coconut oil. as we know that there are many ways treatment for keratosis pilaris, and the best from is using natural skin treatment, such as using coconut oil or cocoa butter which give you quick result and effective as well.

How does essential coconut oil will treat keratosis pilaris?

The essential coconut oil which is very reach with lauric acid is so effective to treat keratosis pilaris. This lauric acid will help in breaking up the keratin. You should know that keratin is the main cause of KP as it clogged in hair follicles whoch leads the formation of these rough and small bumps as well. Besides that, it’s contain anti inflammatory and anti bacterial agents. Therefore, using essential coconut oil or butter is so efficient to treat as well as preventing the form of keratosis pilaris in future. Plus, it plays essential role in relaxing the inflammation on the skin, cleanse, moisturize and reducing the redness. The one reason is they can absorb far away inside your skin so they can cure and heal your problem from the inside.

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How to use essential coconut oil or cocoa butter to treat keratosis pilaris

For exfoliation

You can start gently exfoliate your keratosis pilaris with the scrub or butter which had been made from essential of coconut oil. This process will ensure that the affected skin clean and ready to get treatment. This also helps you to remove the dead cells.


This step was overlooked by many people, but those who had been used coconut oil along with apple cider vinegar had been get big success, after exfoliating, you can rinse that affected skin with apple cider vinegar and patting the skin dry.

Give gently message

Message gently on affected skin by using coconut oil or cocoa butter for a minute. This step will help the coconut oil absorb far away inside your skin.  However, keep it mind that no matter how big or worse that bump, you should not apply much coconut oil. You should use as you need, only a small dub would be enough.

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