Common characteristics of type 1 diabetes mellitus

What do you know about diabetes mellitus? Well, it is a kind of disease which is commonly happened because of the high level of blood sugar. I am sure that most of you know about the types of diabetes mellitus. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Even though, they have a similarity related to the blood sugar, they also have the basic differences. Then, do you know about the differences? What is the common characteristic of type 1 diabetes mellitus?

Types of diabetes mellitus

There are two types of diabetes mellitus that you need to know. First, type 1 diabetes mellitus is usually called juvenile onset because it attacks people under 20 years old. Then, this type of diabetes is caused by the insulin production disorder. It happens because of the beta cell pancreas damage which has a function to produce insulin. The damage of beta cell pancreas can be caused by heredity and even the viruses which broke this cell. It makes the lack of insulin production and cause the diabetes mellitus type 1.  Second, type 2 diabetes mellitus is called as adult onset because this disease attracts people above 35 years old. It is caused by the insulin production disorder too, but it refers to the damage of the function of the insulin. It is usually caused by the wrong lifestyle, such as consuming unhealthy food, alcohol, smoking and any other things. Then, it can also be caused by the obesity. You have to arrange your meal time to reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus type 2. Then, if you never do the physical activities and exercises, you might get the high risk of this disorder.

Characteristic of type 1 diabetes mellitus

First, the characteristic of type 1 diabetes mellitus usually attacks the childhood. So, it is better to check your blood sugar routinely since you are childhood. It is good to ask your children to go to the doctor regularly to get the health report.

Second, the main causes of this disease is the lack of insulin production. Insulin has a function to change the sugar from the food into the energy. If we don’t have enough insulin, we will get a high level of blood sugar in our body.

Third, there are some common symptoms that you have to know. People with diabetes mellitus type 1 usually feel thirsty, hunger and like to go to the toilet too often. They will also lose their weight drastic.

Fourth, we cannot prevent this type 1 of diabetes mellitus. It is difficult to identify this kind of disease. This disorder can grow rapidly and it can be a chronic disease only in a few month.

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So, there are all about diabetes mellitus. We have discuss about the types and the differences. We have learned about the common characteristic of type 1 diabetes mellitus above.

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