Common Causes of Yeast Infection In Men and Women

Common causes of yeast infection in men and women are the use of antibiotics, a damp environment, wearing tight pants, using deodorant and soap. Usually, yeast infections are common in patients with diabetes. This is the first clue to identify diabetes. Yeast infections can occur in men. This infection is often the case in the vagina but the yeast can attack other parts of the body. Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth. Balanitis thrush is the head of a penis infected with yeast.

The Serious Problems

Usually, Candida only causes local disease and can be treated easily. It only causes mild disease. Thrush has the same symptoms as a sore throat. You will find it hard to swallow food. Thrush will infect the skin and cause lesions. Thrush will make the skin become reddish. Usually, canker sores are found in the mucosa of the mouth and tongue. Severe yeast infections can be life-threatening. This may occur in patients who perform invasive procedures. Contaminated equipment will cause the patient to die. Men may develop this infection after unprotected intercourse with a person affected by candidal vaginitis. The penis will experience a dry rash and redness. White spots will appear on the head of the penis. The penis will feel burning, irritated, and itchy. Uncircumcised men have a high risk of this disease.

The Medication

This infection can stop without treatment but this infection can also spread to the buttocks and thighs. Treatment should be done is to use anti yeast cream for two times a day. This treatment is done for three weeks until you are clear of the infection. You can buy fluconazole. It is an effective anti yeast medicine to cure an infection. Herbal treatment may work well but traditional medicine has not been through valid research. You do not have to waste time trying traditional medicine. You should not have sex because the yeast will continue to move to your sexual partner. You must use a condom to have sex.


This is an oral yeast infection that requires simple treatment. You can take oral pills with anti yeast and antifungal properties. You can use mouthwash with these ingredients. Thrush can cause swelling of the esophagus in rare cases. This is the most common fungal infection experienced by humans. There are various medications to treat canker sores. Thrush can be cured in just a few days so you do not have to worry about this infection.

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The Risks

If you experience decreased immune function, then this can make you exposed to yeast infections. If you are undergoing cancer chemotherapy, then you also have a high risk of this infection. Women who use steroid drugs can be attacked by yeast. Women with diabetes also have a great risk of developing this dangerous infection. Antibiotics can give a change in the population of bacteria in your body. You can take the appropriate steps to reduce the moisture in the genital part. You can wear cotton underwear that can absorb sweat. You should use loose pants to keep your skin breathing. You should not use sportswear in wet conditions as it becomes a good medium for yeast inflammation. That is the explanation of common causes of yeast infection in men and women.

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