Common causes of headache and shortness of breath

Having headaches or shortness of breath as an individual symptom can seem harmless, but when you feel both of them at the same time you may be curious as to the causes of headache and shortness of breath. This is because when the symptoms are occurring at the same time, it can be an indication of the presence of a medical condition that has the potential to be serious.


When the levels of red blood cells in your blood is low, it means that you have a condition called as anemia. Red blood cells itself is produced in your bone marrow and it has the function of carrying oxygen to all of the many cells in your body. Therefore, you can see that the function that belongs to the red blood cells is quite vital. If your cells are not provided with oxygen by the red blood cells and waste is also not carried away from it, then your cells will slowly die. This is because cells that lack oxygen will not be efficient in terms of function, and fatigue is a result of this. When a number of red blood cells in your blood is lower than normal, you will also experience headaches. Other than that, your red blood cells are responsible for exchanging carbon dioxide in order to get oxygen into your lungs. Therefore, when there is a decrease in the level of red blood cells in your blood, the number of exchanges that are taking place is less, and you will feel shortness of breath.

Coronary Artery Disease

The coronary artery disease is the most popular type of heart disease, and it takes place when the arteries that lead to your heart becomes more narrow than it should be. The accumulation of plaque, which is a substance that is made up of minerals, calcium, fat, and cholesterol, is what causes narrowing of the arteries. Therefore, the flow of blood will be restricted and so will the flow of oxygen to your heart. If your heart is deprived of the oxygen that it needs, your heart will work harder, and you will feel shortness of breath.
When the flow of your blood to your heart is restricted, the blood that reaches your body tissues will be blood that is less rich in oxygen, and therefore you will feel fatigue. Both the lack of oxygen and blood to your brain will cause headaches for you as well.

Mitral Valve Prolapse

The mitral valve is what connects your left atrium with your left ventricle, and a defect in this valve will make the flaps stretchy. This condition is what is known as mitral valve prolapse. If the valve is defective, then it will flop back to your left atrium when your heart is beating, so the valve will be leaky. As blood will flow back to your atrium, you will have less blood flowing through your body and therefore you may feel both headaches and shortness of breath.

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Now you know the common causes of headache and shortness of breath, and if you are afraid that you may suffer from one of these diseases, you should contact your doctor.

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