5 Causes of Dark Spots on Inner Thighs and the Treatments

These 5 causes of dark spots on inner thighs are close to you. Dark spots on inner thighs are so annoying. For those who love to wear bikini, these dark spots will be a disaster. Even if you don’t like wearing bikini, you really need these dark spots to get away. Don’t worry. We have the treatments that you can try at home to remove the dark spots on your thighs forever.

The Common Causes


People with obesity tend to have dark spots on their inner thighs. This happens when their thighs rub against each other. As the result, the skin becomes itchy and turns darker (discoloration). You can prevent this by wearing loose pants and obviously avoid the wearing of skinny jeans and other tight pants. You can wear the pants with natural fibers such as cotton if possible. The using of synthetic fabric like nylon may cause irritation.

Imbalance Hormone

You may find that your inner thighs get darker only in certain periods such as during the pregnancy or menstruation. When your hormones change during menstrual cycle, it may cause your inner thighs darker.


When you wear tight pants too often coincide with excess sweat production, then your inner thighs prone to get darker. You should wear the loose pants to let your thighs skin breath during the activities. Avoid wearing jeans everytime you have sweaty activity.


One of the causes of dark spots on inner thighs is the using of certain medications such as oral contraceptives. The oral contraceptives are found to be the cause of dark spots on inner thighs. If you find that your oral contraceptives cause your inner thighs darker, you may have a consultation it with your doctor.

Shaving with Razor

The dark spots on inner thighs possibly appear after you shave the pubic hair. This happens when you shave it using old razors and you use the wrong technic of shaving.

The Best Treatments for Dark Inner Thighs

The best alternative to cure the dark spots on your inner thighs is using the natural treatments. It’s quite cheaper and you can do this at home.

  1. Lemon

Lemon is very effective to lighten your dark inner thighs. Just rub a half of one lemon onto your inner thighs for ten to fifteen minutes everyday. But, the using of lemon will make your skin drying. So, you need to apply coconut oil to keep your skin moisturized.

  1. Aloe Vera

You can apply aloe vera on your dark inner thighs to make it fairer. Aloe vera repairs your skin and it’s effective to reduce inflammation on your thighs area.

  1. Lose Weight

If you think that the cause of your dark inner thighs is obesity, then you need to lose weight. Start to do daily exercise and take healthy dietary will help you to remove the dark inner thighs.

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These 5 causes of dark spots on inner thighs may help you to know that it’s still possible to get the dark inner thighs away.

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