3 Causes of Headache and Nausea After Eating

Have you ever felt headache or nausea after eating? When you eat too much food, you may feel nausea or headache. Here, your digestive system has a problem with the foods which you have eaten. In common, this thing happens along with abdominal pain. Besides, the worst case which can be found is vomiting. When you feel a headache or nausea after eating, it can be said that you have a problem with your body. If you have no idea about this problem, you don’t need to worried about where you have to find the information. Because, we are going to share you about the causes of headache and nausea after eating.

The food poisoning or allergies

When we talk about food poisoning, it means that the foods that we have swallowed are not accepted well in our digestive system. Sometimes, the foods are not good enough to eat. Here, it can be not prepared well or not clean. On the other hand, you can get a headache or nausea if you have a food allergy. It is similar to food poisoning, your body is fighting with the foods you have eaten. Because of it, you may also feel itchy skin, tingling, or a rash with your mouth. The common foods which are considered to bring this problem are wheat, aged cheese, milk protein, soy, and fishes.

The hormonal problem

In this case, a hormonal problem can also cause headache or nausea after eating. Moreover, if you are a woman who get pregnant, the risk of getting a headahce or nausea is higher, especially in the morning. Not only that, you can also get nausea even before eating. Based on the fact that the hormone level of a pregnant woman increases, the change of the digestive system will occur. Besides, the hormones in a pregnant woman will relax the stomach and esophagus. Which means, the acid reflux in the body will increase and trigger nausea.

The infection

In this field, actually the cause is similar enough with food poisoning. Yet, it accentuates the bad things which are contained in the food you have eaten. Here, the nausea or headache can be triggered by the bacteria or viruses in the food. Because of it, your digestive system will get viral infections and cause nausea after eating. Besides, the bacteria or viruses in your body, will cause the inflammation to your stomach and your intestines. Then, the worst things that you may experience are getting fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

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So, should I go to the doctor?

If your headache and nausea are getting worse, the best thing to do is go to the doctor. Here, you can consider to go to the doctor if you experience this problem more than 4 days. After knowing some causes of headache and nausea after eating, you are expected to be more careful about the foods that you are going to eat. Besides, you have to know the condition of your digestive system as well. If you have a child who experiences this problem, you must go to the doctor in shortly. In addition, you don’t need to wait for any longer because children are weaker than the adult.

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