Common Causes of Headache and Leg Pain

Headache and leg pain are kinds of common disease that you can find in your daily life. I am sure that most of people in the world ever suffered these diseases. There are some causes of headache and leg pain. Well, we are going to tell you more about it below.

The causes of headache

  • First, people might suffer of headache because of the stress. People who like to think something too detail and deep, they might get the head pain often. If someone concern to a thing in a long time, they will get tighten muscle which might cause a headache.
  • Second, dehydration can be one of the causes of headache. People can get a pain in their head, because they lack of water. People need to drink a lot of water, so there is an oxygen transferred into the brain. If there is no supply of oxygen, people can get headache easily. Especially if we are under the sun light, we need to drink more water.
  • Third, watching tv, phone and computer can be cause of the headache. People who stay in front of computer and watching a movie in a long time. They will feel so tired. Not only the body which is tired, the eyes get tired too. Because of the eyes’ tiredness, we can get headache. Because the eye nerve has a relation to our brain nerve.
  • Fourth, if you do not eat, you can get a headache. People need the supply of food to make an energy. If there is no food, the body cannot produce blood and cannot transfer the blood into the brain. It can also become the cause of headache.
  • Fifth, the abnormal blood pressure such as: high and low blood pressure can cause the headache. People with this abnormal blood pressure often get headache. It happens because people lack and over the blood which should pass along the body. So, the people with high and low blood pressure level can suffer the head pain.

The causes of leg pain

  • First, the broken leg can produce a pain on your leg. Broken leg is the condition in which there is a crack on your bones. It is usually happened because of the falling down, accidents and injuries.
  • Second, muscle cramp can be the cause of leg pain. It can make a severe pain into your leg. It is the condition in which there is a contraction happened to your muscles.
  • Third, varicose veins can cause the pain into your leg. It is the condition in which there is an enlarged of your veins. It would be hurt if someone with varicose veins walking and standing for a long time.
  • Fourth, strain can be the common cause of leg pain. It happened because of too much activity with overstretching strain. People can get this strain muscle if they do some sport without any exercises before.

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So, there are several causes of headache and leg pain which are really common. You have to avoid the causes to prevent suffering these diseases.

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