Canine Hepatitis in Dog Treatments

Can dogs get hepatitis? Some dog owners have ever asked this question. Dog is cute animal that can be a best friend for dog owner. But, sometime dog owner feel so worry about dog’s health. Yes, dog can experience various diseases, and finally it harms their life. How about hepatitis disease? Is it a disease can be experienced by dog? Find the answer below.

Recognizing Hepatitis in Dog

You may have ever heard about hepatitis disease. Hepatitis commonly experienced by human because of various factors, such as virus infection, alcohol consumption, metabolism problem, autoimmune disease, side effect of medicine, and many more. Actually, hepatitis has some types, such as hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E.

Every type of hepatitis has difference sign or symptoms. Hepatitis A and E can be healed easily, while hepatitis B and C can develop to be chronic disease. Hepatitis D can be suffered by people who have attacked by hepatitis B. Seeing that condition, we can conclude that hepatitis is dangerous disease that threat human’s life.

How about hepatitis in dog? Can dogs get hepatitis? Actually, dogs can get hepatitis. Same with human, dogs can be attacked by hepatitis virus. In dogs, hepatitis called as canine hepatitis. This disease caused by virus named Canine Adenovirus type 1 (CAV-1). This disease can be transmitted by body fluid and urine. Direct contact with dog will also transmit CAV-1 virus. The area where the dog lives is also the source of virus transmission. Not only that, the tools usually used by dog will also transmit CAV-1, such as plate, stable, and many more.

There are so many symptoms of canine hepatitis in dog. In the beginning, the virus will influence the function of throat, and cause sore throat, cough, and pneumonia. Not only that, CAV-1 virus can influence the blood, eye, liver and kidney. Canine hepatitis will cause stiff, diarrhea, and also gag.

How to Handle Canine Hepatitis in Dogs

Now, you have known the symptoms of canine hepatitis in dogs. As dog owner, you will want to avoid your dog from this disease. Actually, not every dog will suffer this disease. If you know the common case of canine disease, you will be able to prevent canine hepatitis.

Canine hepatitis usually attacks dog that has never got vaccine. So, vaccine is the best solution to prevent dog from canine hepatitis. Hepatitis virus can be transmitted easily from other dog. So, make sure your dog doesn’t contact with other dog which has hepatitis virus. Not only that, the preventive activity is needed. If you have puppies, make sure your puppies get vaccine to prevent canine hepatitis.

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Nowadays, hepatitis vaccine for dog is available, So you can bring your puppies or dog to a vet to get the vaccine. Finally, your dog will not be attacked by hepatitis virus. Well, those are some information for you about canine hepatitis. Hopefully some information about can dogs get hepatitis above will be useful for you, especially for you who have dogs.

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