Can Imodium Help Stomach Flu?

Can imodium help stomach flu? If you, or your family member, or even your friends often attacked by this disease, the term of Imodium might be familiar for you. Some rumors said that Imodium could give an effective work to help curing stomach flu. Yet, is it real fact or only real rumor? By this article, we will provide you information that you would not regret after reading regarding this matter.

First of all, you need grab a deep understanding about stomach flu. Another term to call this illness is viral gastroenteritis. It is a type of common infection on the area of stomach as well as intestines. How could this disease spread? It caused by certain virus transferred from infected food to person. When the person is positively infected, he or she could spread the virus as well through silverware, the food that he or she eats as well as the drink. The bad hand washing with no adequate sterilization in public facilities could cause this illness as well. Thus, schools, cruise ships, jails or even dormitories could be the loved places where this virus moves from one person to another.

What are the symptoms of stomach flu disease?

Some characteristics of this disease’s symptoms are: the intense aches in the muscle, diarrhea, the cramping of the muscle, the occurrence of abdominal pain, and sometimes chills feeling accompanied by nausea as the lead.

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How are the treatments of stomach flu disease?

  • Firstly, what the infected person mostly needed is enough rest.
  • Secondly, it might be important as well to have pain reliever and rehydration.
  • If you suffer from this disease with fever or even muscle cramps, you might take Tylenol to overcome those problems.
  • It is good to fill your body with fluids. Water is enough, but electrolyte drinks or oral rehydration drinks (usually contains of sugar and electrolytes) is much better than water to prevent any dehydration. Even water is good enough, it does not mean that you could drink water as you like. Too much amount of water without any electrolytes in your body, it just the same as you replaces the volume but neglecting the importance of what the metabolism process need in your body, which is of course the electrolytes.

What about Imodium?

Imodium is actually anti diarrhea medicine. In fact, it is not essentially recommended while a person attacked by this disease. Diarrhea is the human body’s way to get rid of the virus. Although we could not reject that this natural process is uncomfortable and even distressing. However, one condition will suggest the infected people to take this medicine instead. It is when he or she could not hold down the diarrhea while at the same time he or she is in dehydrated condition. By taking Imodium or anti diarrhea, he or she could maintain the balance of the body. After reading this brief explanation, we hope that there is no people confused by the question like “can imodium help stomach flu” again.

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