Can Glandular Fever Cause Mouth Ulcers? Here the Answer!

Can glandular fever cause mouth ulcers? There are some reasons which make people will ask this question. They might be worried that they are suffering this health condition so they are looking further information about the symptoms of this health condition. Mouth ulcers actually can be pretty common condition which many people can suffer but it can also be symptoms of certain health condition as long as they can also find other symptoms. That is why if people worry that they suffer from glandular fever; they must not only see the mouth ulcers only. They have to learn more about the symptoms of this health condition. The symptoms can be found about 1-2 months after the infection of Epstein-Barr virus.

Main Symptoms

There will always be main symptoms which can be found in various health conditions including glandular fever. People just have to make sure that they understand the main one before they go further to the specific symptoms which can be different from one to another patient. The most common symptoms which can be found in glandular fever patient must be high temperature or fever. There is no doubt about this because this is type of fever. Sore throat can also become another main symptom which can be found. Unlike the sore throat which they experienced before, it can be more painful. They can also find the swollen glands in the neck and other body parts such as armpits. People who suffer from glandular fever can also feel fatigue or extreme tiredness.

Other Symptoms Include Mouth Ulcers

Everyone can have different body condition so the symptoms of the glandular fever can also be different one another. People will be able to find other symptoms of this health condition. It can cause the common sense of feeling unwell. The muscles can be aching due to this health condition. People can also feel chills but at the same time they can sweat a lot. They also lose their appetite. The pain feeling can also be found behind their eyes. The tonsils as well as adenoids can get swollen also. Because of the swollen condition of both, people can experience difficulty for breathing. Of course people will be able to find more symptoms from glandular fever including the very red color which can be found inside the throat along with fluid oozing condition. On the roof of the mouth, there can also be small spots with purple or red color. This might be the mouth ulcers which people are talking about. Rash can also be found besides the puffiness or swelling around the eyes. The tummy gets swollen or tender. Jaundice can also be another symptom. The skin and the white area of the eyes is yellowing in this circumstance. There are the symptoms which can develop a few days before they can see the main symptoms.

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Get Medical Help

People need to make sure that they call the medical help if they have glandular fever and they experience difficulty for breathing. They have to get right treatment when they cannot swallow fluid easily or suffer from intense abdominal pain. That is more important than just asking about can glandular fever cause mouth ulcers.

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