Blood Transfusion and Flu Shot: You Must Know this

The blood transfusion and flu shot is such an interesting topic to discuss. By donating some amount of blood, he or she will be healthier. Moreover, the donated blood will be useful for who need it as well. However, a slight of uncertainty to donate blood will come when somebody is just having a flu shot. Therefore, this article comes in trying to give a solution and explanation regarding that matter.

Blood Transfusion and Flu Shot

It is true that when someone wants to donate their blood, the need to be in the healthy condition. When there is a flu season, some hospital even stops the donor. It is also not a good idea for someone who is infected by flu to donate his or her blood.

Is it possible for someone to be infected by flu from the blood donation he or she received?

It is a big NO. Based on some researches the influenza virus is not having the property of able to transmitting through the transfusion of blood. Some researches even showed that seasonal influenza does not has the ability to create a significant contamination to the supply of blood.

Is it possible for someone to donate his or her blood after receiving vaccination? If he or she should wait to donate, how long will it take?

It is a big YES, someone who already get the vaccination of flu is able to donate his or her blood. However, it still under one condition, which is he or she is free from any symptoms and fulfill the requirements needed. Whether a flu shot or even an influenza vaccine is not causing the f=deferral of the blood donation. It is because this condition does not have any risk to transmit the influenza virus after he or she is taking the vaccines.

How does flu affect the blood supply?

In the flu season, the numbers of blood donors often decreasing because some people with flu symptoms are afraid to donate their blood. Any people who do not feel well on the day of the blood donation will be postponed to give their blood. However, some people do not come again on the planned date. As a result, the blood that should be in the donor pouch failed to fill it up. In a big amount, it will cause the blood supply to keep decreasing until the flu season gone.

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If people infected by flu and do not take any vaccines, how long should they wait until they could donate their blood?

As what we have said before, when people want to donate their blood, they need to be in their healthy condition. Therefore, they need to wait until they do not have any symptoms of flu. They should be sure that they have recovered completely as well before attempting to donate their blood. Since every people condition is different, there is no exact time or day to determine how long should they wait. We hope that these explanations is enough to describe the relation between blood transfusion and flu shot.

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