The best ways to prevent bacterial vaginosis naturally

The bacterial vaginosis (BV) was the common infection in the vagina. BV had been caused by the changes number of specific bacteria in your vagina. BV was very common and any women is able get it. BV also easier to be cured with medicine, natural treatments or home remedies. If your infection untreated, so it can increase the risk of sexually transmitted infection and cause several problems during pregnancy. So, many people also wondering about what the best ways to avoid bacterial vaginosis to prevent this infection re-occur.

5 Tips to prevent the bacterial vaginosis naturally:

  • Firstly, you should consume health food which rich of veggies and fruits along with low refined carbohydrates and sugar as well. Studies had been shown that the yeast and other harmful bacteria were more likely occur on person with high sugar diets.
  • Supporting your immune system, such as: get enough sleep, reducing the stress and get exercise regularly.
  • You can eat plain with probiotic yogurt ever day,
  •  You can take probiotic which contain of acidophilus if you focused on the prevention action.
  • You should avoid douching routinely and if you consider that sex can trigger your infection, use condom.

Several symptoms of bacterial vaginosis

There are many women who have no symptoms at all. If you do experiencing symptoms, they might include of:

  • You get unusual discharging. The discharge can be gray or milky white color. It might watery or foamy as well. Some women also reported that this discharging come along with fish like odor especially after getting sex activity
  • Getting irritation in vagina
  • Burning feeling when urinating
  • Itchy surrounding the outside area of vagina

These symptoms might similar with yeast infection in vagina and other health issues as well. only doctor or nurse can tell you whether you have bacterial vaginosis or not.

The differences between bacterial vaginosis and vaginal yeast infection

BV and yeast infection were both very common cause of discharging. They also have similar symptoms, so this is difficult to find out whether you have BV or yeast infection. While experiencing BV, your discharge might form in white or gray color and have fish odor as well. This is better to get proper diagnosed by doctor.

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How to diagnose the bacterial vaginosis?

There are several tests to find out whether you have BV or not. Your doctor or nurse will take your sample of discharge then look your sample under the microscope using the in office test. Your doctor might send this sample into laboratory to check the harmful bacteria. Your doctor might see the sign of bacterial vaginosis during the exam as well. Before you see doctor for the test:

  • You should not douche or using the deodorant spray products, they might cover the odors which can help doctor to diagnose the bacterial vaginosis. They also able irritating your vagina.
  • You can make an appointment when you do not get your period.

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