Here are the Best Vitamins for Acid Reflux

The best vitamins for acid reflux can help you to cure these symptoms. The problem of stomach ulcers and stomach acid is common. There are many people who choose to cure these symptoms with drugs at pharmacies. These drugs only heal your pain in the short term. You cannot consume the drug continuously. You have to change your diet and take vitamins. Vitamins are a healthy choice to cure this condition in the right way. These drugs can damage your kidneys. Your kidneys will not survive the side effects of the drug. This is the thing to avoid in the treatment of this condition. You can take the vitamins below.

Vitamin B

Research conducted in 2006 proves that this vitamin can stop all symptoms of acid reflux. The researcher has divided the participants into two groups. Group A took foods containing vitamin B-9, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-6, melatonin, methionine, L-tryptophan, and betaine. Group B takes the famous OTC for the treatment of acid reflux. The drug is omeprazole. Everyone in group A says that the symptoms are gone after 40 days. The group did not experience any harmful side effects. 65% of people from group B also feel relief at the same time.

Vitamins E, A, and C

There are studies that look at the results of antioxidant vitamins against this disease. This study was conducted in 2012. The results show that consumption of vitamin E, A, and C supplements can prevent the disease and other complications. This vitamin can be consumed from vegetables and fruits. Participants taking large amounts of vitamins had minimal risk of this disease. This vitamin can improve the quality of life of people with the disease.


If you eat foods to get these vitamins, then you will not get too many vitamins. If you get vitamins by taking supplements, then you can get a vitamin with an amount that exceeds your daily value. You should not take this vitamin in large doses. Vitamins can also cause bad side effects to your body. Large doses of vitamin A will make you feel joint pain, headache, and nausea. These side effects will occur at an unexpected time. Large doses may also increase the risk of other diseases. If you take vitamin E excessively, then you can increase the risk of death. The exact dose can be known through a doctor. Doctors can provide vitamins that match the amount of your intake every day.

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Other Treatments

Unhealthy food can worsen your condition. Obesity is what can torture you. Obesity can occur because of the consumption of fatty and oily foods. The food will increase stomach acid in a short time. You should be on a healthy diet to help the condition. The diet can lose weight, provide nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants for your body. You can take simple steps to reduce the symptoms. You must elevate your pillow. You should avoid a big meal before going to bed. You should not stress. You should also exercise several times per week. You can use loose clothes. That’s the best vitamins for acid reflux.

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