7 Best Treatments for Keratosis Pilaris On Buttocks

Keratosis Pilaris is a condition of the skin that many people experience. There is hard protein in our skin called keratin which protects it from dangerous outside substances. Normally, the keratin will create a scaly plug in each hair follicle to shield the interior of the body from infections and other toxins from the environment. However, when someone develops keratosis pilaris, then an excessive amount of keratin proteins starts to build up in the skin. The result of this buildup is bumpy white patches of skin that feel rough.

Although it causes no harm to your physical health, it can still cause a person to have a lot of emotional distress over their appearance. This is especially true if a person has naturally darker skin because the white patches will be more noticeable than if the person had white skin already. In any event, people suffering from keratosis pilaris are constantly looking for ways to treat the problem and restore the affected area of their skin.

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The 7 Best Treatments

Keratosis pilaris can occur virtually anywhere on the body that has skin. Doctors do not know why it forms, but it is known to occur in people with extremely dry skin or atopic dermatitis. Although children are the most susceptible to getting keratosis pilaris, anyone of any age can get it too.

The skin on the buttocks is one very common place to get keratosis pilaris. It is likely because people sit on their buttocks all the time and it dries out the skin there. This makes it more challenging to treat the condition, but it can be done.

Below are the 7 best treatments for keratosis pilaris on the buttocks.

1) Consume Omega-3s – Consume foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as tuna fish, flaxseeds, walnuts, and salmon. These omega-3s will naturally hydrate the skin and restore balance to the keratins.

2) Dry Brushing – This is an exfoliation method which wipes away dead skin cells and unclogs your skin’s natural pores. More specifically, it will unplug the hair follicles that are blocked with all the keratins.

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3) Sea Salt Exfoliation – The anti-inflammatory properties of sea salt have the ability to wipe away dead skin and restore natural skin cells to the affected area. Use sea salt to exfoliate your skin but do not overdo it and cause irritation.

4) Mild Soap Washing – It is important to nourish the affected skin area without drying it out. That is why you need to use a mild soap which contains no toxins or other harmful chemicals in it. Go for a hypoallergenic soap which has natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, lavender oil, honey, and/or vitamin E. This will work to restore your natural looking skin while the other treatments help to remove the keratins which are blocking your hair follicles and pores.

5) Sensitive Skin Moisturizer – Dry skin will cause keratins to build up, so you need to moisturize your buttocks daily. Use a sensitive skin moisturizer which has no alcohol or fragrances. You’ll want it to be hypoallergenic too.

6) Humidifier – People who have dry skin, lips, or throat will use a humidifier to add moisture to their home’s internal environment. This will also help with clearing up Keratosis Pilaris too.

7) Skin on a Cushion – Since your buttocks are more prone to getting dry from sitting on them, make sure you sit on a soft surface instead of a hard surface. This means if you sit on a hard chair, put a soft cushion on top of it first. This will make it easier on your buttocks’ skin.

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