The Best Treatment of Arthritis in Lower Back You Could Do Easily

When discussing about arthritis, it would not feel as complete as when the topic of the best treatment of arthritis in lower back is also become the topic of the discussion.  What can the patients do when the pain of their lower back start to attack? Just try to do the following lists of easy treatments to do.

Make a good posture

The attack of arthritis is indeed bringing unbearable pain. Some people even chose to rest their stiff joints when it happened. However, taking a rest does not always mean that you only lay down to wait the pain go by itself. You still have the possibility to improve you back condition so that it would chase the pain away.

The steps are quite easy. You just need to remember that every time you sit or stand, you need to make a good posture. It would not help to align your spine only but also lessen the pain you feel on your joints. You could also try to roll your shoulder blades upright, then backward, after that downward for several times. If you feel tired, let it relax by having both arms on your sides.

Household task also means a workout

Actually, the common household tasks you have at home could be the perfect workout you can do easily. Some of the activities samples are when you are doing your laundry, vacuuming or even washing the dishes. While you are doing these activities, you need to do the following instructions. First, straighten your back. It will help to contract the abdominal muscle, as it is the prior source of your movement. You need to bend by using your legs (do not use your back) during your tightening process of your stomach. It will be very helpful to protect the back muscle.

Make some side stretches

Since the back muscle play an important role to protect the spine, it needs to have proper work regularly. One of simple exercise you could to make it strong is by making a light side stretch. It will make your back muscle works without putting too much damage on your stiff joints. To have the correct movement, you need to follow these steps. First, stand in comfortable place. Second, hold one weight in one time when you go down the side of your body from the waist. Then stretch as far as you can reach. After that, raise the weight again slowly. It is fine as well, if you do not use any weight in this exercise. One thing you need to underline is that you need to do this treatment at least 10 times on every side regularly.

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Walk off

This easy treatment would not only become the treatment of your achy joint, but also give cardiovascular benefits as well. All you need to do is just walking with good posture. Since you already knew about the best treatment of arthritis in lower back, now it is the time for you to pick the most suitable one and do it regularly.

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