Top 8 Best Places to Live With Arthritis: US and Worldwide

It is true that the pain related to arthritis can get worse due to certain weather condition. So, it is important for those with arthritis to live in a place with lower humidity and warm weather instead of living in cold weather areas. And the best place to live with arthritis might be popular in the ears of someone who suffers from this disease. Not to have too much chit chat, below we provide you the lists of places that might satisfy your likeness.

Lagos in Nigeria

Based on the recent Gallop Poll, this area is having the lowest rate regarding the active smoker throughout the world. Smoke is one of many reasons believed as the cause of arthritis. By living in this area, someone who suffers from arthritis will have the joints to function properly.

Paris in France

One food that could help to lessen the symptoms of arthritis as well as prevent any future pain is indeed the cheese. Why cheese? Because it contains high amount of vitamin K2 needed in the process. In fact, French addressed as the highest consumer of cheese. On average, the consuming of cheese could reach 26.3 kg every person during a year. Undoubtedly, you will found many types of cheese at this place that is a delicious cure for your illness. For your additional information, vitamin K also has the ability to destroy inflammatory body cell while working to strengthen human bones as well.

Sydney in Australia

While Paris is famous for its cheese, Sydney is popular for its walking score. This big country provides you comfortable many places to have a walk that have many benefits. By having a walk, you would preserve your body weight. Besides that, you could ease the stress on your joints too. The muscle around your joints will be much more strong muscle as well that in result, it will reduce the pain that bothers you throughout the day. It will be good to have a walk around 30 until 60 minutes each day. These steps include when you walk to a coffee shop or even grocery store as well.

Kyoto in Japan

The power of hot water is indeed relaxing for every people. As an addition, Dr. Goddard said that heat would release any stiffness in joints. Some researches even give evidence that marinating the body in hot springs is just the same as giving therapeutic benefits for arthritis patient. In fact, Japan is a country located alongside the ring of fire. This geographic condition make this country has numerous spring that could be the right place to give cozy treatment for arthritis patient. This is the reason why this country could include in one of the best place to live with arthritis.

Where Is A Good Place To Live with Arthritis in US

Medical conditions like arthritis often impact the choice of place we choose to live. This consideration is made to have highest life quality as possible especially if we have to live alone. So, where is a good place to live with arthritis in US? Fortunately, US have many good places for those with arthritis to spend the rest of their lives. But this time, we will take a look at 3 best places to live which the patients with arthritis can choose. These places are chosen based on multiple factors including medical care, weather and also public facility available in the areas which are considered important factors.

San Diego in California

San Diego is our first choice to live with arthritis in US. Overall, California is a great place to live for almost everyone thanks to its warm and cozy weather all year along. This kind of weather and climate is perfect for arthritis sufferers. Avoiding cold weather area is necessary because cold temperature can affect the joints and increase the pain. So, if you think of a perfect place for arthritis to enjoy live while being near the sea, San Diego is perfect. This way, there will be less pain and inflammation which results in less medication.

Denver in Colorado

Our second choice is completely the opposite of California. This time, US take us to Denver in Colorado which is known to be cold and snowy during the winter. But do not worry because even in the winter, the temperature in Denver is not crazy high. Meanwhile, the temperature increases slowly and gradually during the summer. Thanks to its low humidity and semi arid plain area that this is another perfect place to live with arthritis in US.

Phoenix in Arizona

Our third choice is Phoenix in Arizona. This is another great place to live with arthritis. Arizona is known to be a place with heavy rainy season and considerably warm weather which makes a perfect place. With clean air and little fluctuation in its barometric pressure, Phoenix has certainly become a wonderful place to enjoy life for arthritis sufferers. Of course, this place also has low humidity which is important for arthritis sufferers. Thanks to the combination of these characteristics that Phoenix makes an ideal answer of where is a good place to live with arthritis in US. So, which place do you think is perfect for you? Take your time and enjoy great time living in your dream place.

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Salt Lake City in Utah

This place ever had been the most relaxing locales during 2014. No wonder, that this place would the most suitable living place for someone who suffers from certain disease such as arthritis. How could it be? As suggested by Dr. Wilson, stress could be the intensifier of pain, whereas arthritis is a kind of disease with strong relation to pain. Therefore, it is important for arthritis patient to reduce their stress.  Moreover, this place also has low rate of crime rate. On the other hand, it provides high living standard as well as nice environment.

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