5 Best Juices for Stomach Bloating

You may wonder what the best juices for bloating are. Consuming some kinds of juice is believed to help us in avoiding bloating and during stomach bloating. Getting stomach or abdominal bloating can be painful and stressful. For you who get stomach bloating, you will feel full, swollen, and tight in your stomach. Therefore, many people try to avoid stomach bloating. Commonly, bloating is caused by gas or air that put pressure to the stomach. Bloating is also caused by the excess salt in the body. The excess salt will make water retention in the body. The water retention will make stomach bloating. There are many factors that can cause stomach bloating such as some foods, human’s behavior, menstruation, some infections, and other factors. However, commonly stomach bloating is cause by some types of food that we consumed. Therefore, it is recommended that we should be wise enough to choose kind of foods that will be consumed. Juices can be a good option for bloating. We are going to discuss some kinds of juice for bloating.


Pineapple is believed to become one of the best juices for bloating. Pineapple contains some enzymes that are good and really needed in our digestive system. These enzymes will strengthen our digestive system. By having strong digestive system, we can reduce the risk of stomach bloating. A plain pineapple juice is believed to be better than the one you add sugar on it.


Lemon is natural laxative and diuretic. These properties can help you to ease the bloating. These properties can also remove the excess salt in your body. By removing the excess salt in your body, it will also reduce the water retention. Water retention is one the big factor in stomach bloating. So after you don’t have water retention, you can avoid stomach bloating.


Similar with Lemon, Cucumber is also a natural diuretic. Cucumber contains much water that can help body to reduce or remove excess salt which causes water retention. By juicing cucumber you can have a natural and refreshing anti-bloat.


Celery is believed to relieve bloating and water retention. It also can control excessive intestinal gas. Similar with lemon and cucumber, celery contain much water that can remove excess salt in our body to avoid water retention and stomach bloating. You can mix celery with other juices such as pineapple to get the better result.


Juicing papaya is also believed to be helpful for bloating due to the fact that papaya is one of the best supports for our digestive system. Papaya can strengthen our digestive system to fight abdominal constipation or inflammation. Besides juicing papaya, it is recommended that we can consume papaya daily to support digestive system and avoid stomach bloating.

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Those are some fruits that can be the best juices for bloating. Instead of juicing them one by one, you can also combine many different fruits to get the better result for bloating. Those fruits can be good options that you can choose for stomach bloating. Hopefully, this information can help you to fight stomach bloating.

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