Best Foods and Drinks To Consume When You Have Stomach Flu

Before you reveal the list of foods and drinks to eat, have you ever known about stomach flu? The disease is recently infecting people especially at transition season. The growth of this disease is infecting urban and countryside areas. Though it is not a deadly disease, but it can take your life if it lets at all. You should do preventing actions like eating some foods and drinks healing this disease.

Apple Vinegar

Do you apple vinegar? This is often ignored. But, today you can benefit as the recommended drink to consume when you suffer stomach flu. How does it work? The apple vinegar is acting as an effective agent to fight for viruses causing stomach flu. Apple vinegar is also a food source getting rich of pectin helping to calm your stomach. This is also healing stomach, nausea, vomit, and gassing situation on your stomach. You can consume it regularly per a week and even a day when you currently get infected stomach flu.


Banana becomes a food what to eat when you have the stomach flu. You can consume it daily to gain a recovery condition for your body. There are two types of banana that can be eaten. Those are ripe and raw bananas. Those have been proven effectively in healing stomach flu. The bananas are easily digested and contain the much number of magnesium and potassium. The mineral is contained in the bananas. It is two types of electrolytes needed by your body and even stomach.


Another herb to consume is chamomile. It is famously known for stomach and has a feature of a healing feature for stomach problem. Chamomile has anti spasmodic and anti inflammation so that it is much effective in treating and healing so many symptoms of stomach flu including diarrhea, stomach cramp, vomit, nausea, and unpleasant feeling. You can take essence of chamomile or eat it directly to gain its amazing benefits for stomach flu.


What else food or drink to consume? You can put ginger. The ginger has a feature of natural anti inflammation. In addition, it is an effective home remedy for stomach flu. It is also to be natural antivirus helping a body to fight for viruses causing stomach flu. You can use it to make natural herb assisting to increase a digestion and give a help to handle nausea, vomit, and those included stomach flu symptoms.


Cinnamon is much effective to stomach flu. The cinnamon contains strong antibacterial substances and anti virus agent destroying viruses and bacteria in your stomach. Moreover, the warm feature of cinnamon is quickly helping to relieve pain from your stomach. Of course, it is making you more comfortable. The cinnamon is often added into drinks or even foods. You can take it as an additional foodstuff.

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In addition to eat those foods and drinks, you need to conduct prevention by avoiding some foods and drinks consumed. You should say no eating raw foods both vegetables and fruits that have been peeled or touched by hands. Drink mineral water to keep off contaminated water. Applying lifestyle becomes a right attempt to fight for the stomach flu. That is the list of foods and drinks what to eat when you have the stomach flu.

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