The Best Exercise for Gestational Diabetes

You may wonder what the best exercise for gestational diabetes is. Yes, you still be able to do exercise when you have gestational diabetes. Generally, gestational diabetes is a condition when you have high blood sugar level during the pregnancy. It is a serious condition. One of the best solutions for somebody who have high blood sugar level is keep being active. Being active will help you to control and manage your blood sugar. Doing exercise is still recommended for you who are pregnant and have high blood sugar level in the same time. The next question is what the best exercise for gestational diabetes is. It is risky and tricky in the same time because you are pregnant, but you need to do exercise to manage you blood sugar. During pregnancy, it is also recommended that mother should reduce some activities that may endanger herself and the baby. So, when you want to do exercise during pregnancy, you need to find an exercise that is safe but also effective to manage the blood sugar.  We are going to discuss some exercises that could be the best options for gestational diabetes.


Swimming is believed to be the best exercise that you can do during the pregnancy. It is safe because in swimming, there is no harmful movement that can endanger you and your baby. It is also considered as low impact and gentle activity that is highly recommended for pregnant woman. The water will help you to prevent overheating and injury during the exercise. The water will also help you to keep the womb safe during the exercise. Although it looks that you don’t produce any sweat, actually it is a very effective fat and calorie burners. Mainly, swimming will work on you large muscle group such as arms and legs. Swimming also will be a perfect and effective exercise for your back, spine, and shoulder. During the pregnancy, spine and back will bear quite hard burden, so swimming can help you to strengthen the muscle. Swimming will help you to keep being active in safe way. It will help and support your body to produce enough insulin that can control and manage blood sugar. It is recommended that you swim 30 minutes per day.


Walking also becomes one of simple exercise during pregnancy. It is considered as low impact exercise. Mainly, walking will work on your legs. During the pregnancy, legs will bear a lot of burden because woman also carries worm beside their own weight. Walking can help the woman to strengthen the leg. Walking 30 minutes per day in moderate speed will be an effective exercise for gestational diabetes because it will help you body to produce enough insulin. It is better that you don’t do exercise alone, but in a group. So you can talk and share during the exercise. It will support your psychological aspect.

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Those are two examples of exercise that can be the best exercise for gestational diabetes. You can combine those activities to get the better result. Hopefully, this information will help you to determine the best exercise for gestational diabetes.

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