The Best Essential Oils for Diabetic Neuropathy

Are you looking for the best essential oils for diabetic neuropathy? There are many forms of oils out there in the world, and some can be very beneficial when we are talking about curing stuffs such cramped stomach, insomnia, severe anxiety and stress, and even diabetes neuropathy.

Before we go further on the main topic of today’s article, I would like to talk to you first about essential oils. What are essential oils actually? From which plant does it come from? How can one administer essential oils? What are the risks that may come with consuming one such oil? These questions above are the questions that this article will answer along with discussing which essential oil is best for a diabetic neuropathy.

Time is a precious commodity, so without further ado here is the answer to the first question: what are essential oils actually?

The essence of essential oils

Essential oils are oils, if you wonder what shape it took. Simple, right?

What is not simple though, is the fact that essential oils come in many types and those types have different uses. Each of them differ in terms of usage. Although they look like an oil, you cannot just cook food with them, or even use them to ‘smoothing’ any other things. Essential oils are healing oils at their best and they are very natural, so naturalists should prefer using this as an alternative to the synthetic medicines out there.

This type of oils can be taken orally or you can apply it on your skin, depends on the affected area. Some can taste weird though, so heed the warnings of some other people who have tasted essential oils.

Essential oils may come in many plants and many of them will have different uses for different sickness. Sure they all have healing properties within, but you cannot simply use lavender oil to relieve pain muscle. Plants which oils can be extracted are to name but a few: lavender, roman chamomile, peppermint, and ylang-ylang (each, of course, have different uses. For example, you can use lavender oil to help you sleep and relax while the peppermint might be used as a pain reliever in a topical approach).

Ways to use essential oils for diabetic neuropathy?

I once told you that some essential oils could be used as a pain reliever. Diabetic neuropathy is a painful complication, so you see where this is going?

You can apply the essential oil on the place where it hurts. It is very simple, really, but do not ever forget to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil. Why? Because essential oils are highly irritant. Adding a few drop of carrier oil may lessen the irritating properties. Such example of carrier oils are coconut oil and olive oil.

You have not told me the best one for diabetic neuropathy

Ah of course, how could I forget?

There are two types of oils that are very good for people with diabetic neuropathy, and both have two different ways of applying them. One is peppermint oil and the other is lavender oil. While you can use peppermint oil topically, applying lavender oil on your skin is not a recommended thing to do. You can instead use it as a room odour thingy.

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This is the end of this article. Although this may seem too comprehensive and too little of information, I hope this article on the best essential oils for diabetic neuropathy can help you with your complications.

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