The Best Climate for Someone with Arthritis

What is the best climate for someone with arthritis? This type of question probably is the most frequently asked by people who suffer or have relatives who are having arthritis. What kind of illness is it? Well, arthritis is a term to address when there is inflammation found on the joints. Someone who suffers from this illness will feel that his or her joint is in pain and felt so stiff.

The relation between arthritis and weather

Through internet, you could find many illustration as well as anecdote about someone who suffer from arthritis. However, because of this illness they have the ability to predict the weather instead. It is quite well known that someone who got this illness will react differently than any other normal people when there is a change on the climate. Most of the patient felt that their illness gets worse when the cold and rainy weather comes. On the other hand, they would feel not so bad during the warm weather in dry season. Actually, there were some research conducted to test this wide spread rumor. However, nearly none of them could give conclusive evidence yet.

Even so, there were two studies related with this topic that gave a light of answer. A study in 2014 involving 122 patients showed a result that barometric pressure as well as relative humidity has a significance influence to the symptoms of arthritis. The rising of barometric pressure will cause worse pain to the patient of this disease. Other study revealed that in every 10 degree of the temperature fall, it would eventually lead to the increasing of pain felt by people who suffer from arthritis.

Should an arthritis patient move to a new place with certain weather?

Why does a type of questions like this arise? It is because many arthritis patients said that the one who should be responsible for their pain is the rain. However, this rumor has answered by Elaine Husni. She is a rheumatologist who works in the Cleveland Clinic. Based on her experience and knowledge, she believed that weather would not make arthritis worse. The worse here refer to the condition of the disease itself. However, it could not be rejected that it might trigger hurt or pain for the arthritis patient. One thing to note that it will only last temporarily, for some times only.

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As suggested by the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Disease, moving to a new place with different weather would not make any difference in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patient for a long time. A warmer weather will only bring a more comfortable feeling but would not give great impact to the core of problem causing this disease. Even so, moving would never be so bad idea if it means that arthritis patient could feel more comfort than when they were living in the weather that cause them feeling more sick. We hope that this article would be enough to answer your curiosity about what is the best climate for someone with arthritis.

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