Symptoms and Best Treatments for Arthritis in Fingers

Knowing the Symptoms and Best Treatments for Arthritis in Fingers is very important to know. When we could identify any sign that could be the symptoms of arthritis, we could act immediately to prevent this disease from spreading. It also will be a good thing since we will be able to give immediate treatment. So, what are they? Do not stop until you arrived at the end of this article.

The symptoms of arthritis in fingers

In fact, women have a higher rate to be the patient of arthritis rather than men. Nearly all of these women patient had the arthritis symptoms on their hand before other symptoms of this disease is showing up. you should know that there are many types of arthritis. Some of them are able to attack human hand in a different ways. One of the samples is the psoriatic arthritis. As suggested by its name, it has a relation with certain skin condition namely psoriasis. This type of arthritis will attack the joints near the fingernail or when in medical term we call it as distal joints. Other type of arthritis also comes with the name of osteoarthritis. Different with the previous one, this type is not affected certain places of joints only but also all joints around the fingers as well as the thumb.

To sum up, arthritis that attack human hands have quite same symptoms include:

  1. The pain felt in some or (in several cases) all parts of the joints. These joints include joints of the fingers, the thumbs as well as the wrist.
  2. The inability or difficulty for the attacked person to make some motions that needs the hand to make a grip or twist. A sample of this motion is, when you need to open a jar.
  3. There are several thin knobs, which grow in the finger joints.
  4. If someone attacked by psoriasis arthritis, then there would be a high possibility for his or her hand to look like a puffy sausage.
  5. In several cases, the finger becomes numb instead.

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If you already experienced one or more of these symptoms, then what you should do?

There are many activities that could you try. The first one is to close your hand. Open it slowly then stretch your fingers out. After that, you close it again and do the exact same thing for several trials. The second one is by making a circle movement with your thumb. Remember to make it straight as you do this movement. Third, you could stretch your thumb as far as possible from your palm and make it touch every fingertip of your hand. You could do these simple treatments 3 until 10 times a day. The combination of these movements is actually affect the strength and flexibility of your hands, thumbs as well as fingers. As a result, it will not only ease the symptoms of arthritis disease in the fingers only but also throughout the hands. Now, after knowing the arthritis symptoms and best treatments in fingers all you need to do is just practicing it regularly.

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