Do Allergies Cause Fever?

Do allergies cause fever? This question is probably asked particularly if your child has been suffered from fevers in several days. It is basically to know whether the fever is caused by certain factors like influenza or your kids probably have allergy. The fever caused by allergy is commonly known as the allergy infection. Slightly, differentiating the allergy infection and fever is easy. But in fact, many people are diagnosing both wrongly without they go to the medical experts for checkup. As you know, right diagnose is very important so that the patient can get the right and better treatment. So, it is better to learn more about both matters anyway.

The Causes of Allergy and Fever

Sure, allergy and fever have different causes or factors. Fever experienced when you suffer from influenza is caused by virus which enters our body and then infects us. After the virus is successfully entered, the immune system of our body directly works to fight back the virus. This matter produces certain symptoms like cough, cold, and fever. Yes, fever is basically the general manifestation of virus infection. This kind of fever is contagious. Therefore, it is indeed recommended to stay away from people with influenza for a while. After around a week, the immune system will win over the virus. You can then be free from the cough, cold, and fever. Well, allergy has a different story for sure. It is caused by the immune system which is too active. A certain substance which is not dangerous for other people can be really dangerous for the patients. When body has contacted by the substance of allergy or allergen, the body will release a sort of chemical substance namely histamine. The histamine is what cause the symptoms of allergy including fever.

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Other Symptoms

As it has been mentioned above, other visible symptoms when someone suffers from fever caused by influenza are cough, cold and sometimes dizzy. However, the symptoms will be stopped not a long time, only for around one or two weeks. It is due to the body who already finds its stability back or the immune system has defeated the virus. However, the symptoms of allergy can be more than that. Yes, one of them is fever and dizzy just like the influenza. However, certain people may experience other symptoms as well including anxiety and including fear. It also depends on the kind of allergy that is suffered. When the allergy is occurred in the respiratory system, the patients commonly find it very hard to breath just like asthma and fainted. Besides, when allergy is occurred on your skin due to the wrong consumption, other symptoms are itch and rash.


After acknowledging the cause of fever, it is easier for you to get the solution. Whether it is influenza or allergy, it has its own medication to be cured. For this matter, fever caused by influenza is easier to be healed. You may only need to take a rest for a while and only drinking warm water. So, this is the answer for a question; do allergies cause fever?

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