Is Alcoholic Hepatitis Contagious? Read the answer here!

Most of you know that hepatitis is a kind of disease which is caused by the spreading of viruses through the blood, saliva and any other contact. Hepatitis is contagious because the hepatitis carrier can spread and transmit this viruses to the other people. How is about alcoholic hepatitis? Alcoholic hepatitis is a kind of disease which is caused by the over consumption of alcohol. Then, is alcoholic hepatitis contagious? Well, we are going to tell you more about it below.

Alcoholic hepatitis is not contagious

I hope most of you know the main cause of the alcoholic hepatitis. It is the condition in which the liver is broken or there is a damage which can be found on the liver. The much consumption of alcohol make the alcoholic hepatitis. The heavy substances which are contained in the alcohol might disturb the liver cells. There is no viruses that is contained inside the alcohol, so alcoholic hepatitis is not caused by the viruses. Alcoholic hepatitis is not contagious because it is only caused by the lifestyle. You have to stop consuming an alcohol, if you are identified to get this disease.

Why can alcohol cause alcoholic hepatitis and any other liver damage? There is a poisonous substance which is contained inside an alcohol. This substance stimulates the inflammation and destroys the liver cells. The broken of liver cells can make it malfunction. This condition can cause any other serious problems.

High risk of Alcoholic hepatitis

The one who like to consume a lot of alcohol can suffer hepatitis. Then, if they do not reduce its consumption they will increase the risks. First, people can suffer from the other kind of hepatitis, especially hepatitis C. Too much alcohol can be worsening the liver damage. Then, if you have had a hepatitis C, you will get a higher risk of cirrhosis than the one who never drink an alcohol. Second, most of the one who get an alcoholic hepatitis only have a few nutrition. Alcohol can disturb the body function in absorbing the nutrients and vitamins which we get from the healthy food. It can block the body to absorb protein, fat and vitamins which are really needed by our body. The lack of nutrients can be worsening the liver damage. Third, it can cause the high risk of ensefalopati hepatic. The people who suffer alcoholic hepatitis have a difficulties to throw away the toxin from their body. The toxin accumulation can make a damage onto your brain in which you can get the changes of your mental, behavior and personality. Fourth, it can cause cirrhosis. The over consumption of alcohol can make you get a permanent liver damage.  Then, it can affect and cause the liver failure into your body.

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So, we can make a conclusion that alcoholic hepatitis is not contagious.  If you say is alcoholic hepatitis contagious? I will say never. This disease is caused by the alcohol and not because of the virus. So the people with alcoholic hepatitis cannot spread this infection to any other people.

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