Top 10 Ultimate Fat Burning Foods

Burning fat can be done with physical exercise but by taking the right foods, fat burning process can be enhanced further.

1. Fatty Fish

If people think that they cannot enjoy delicious food when they try to burn fat, it can be completely wrong. They can find that fatty fish is great option as fat burning foods. Of course it is delicious as well. There are some fatty fishes that can be great choice with rich omega 3 fatty acids content including mackerel, herring, sardines, and salmon. Those fishes are great for helping reducing inflammation and risk of heart disease. Fish also comes with high quality protein which can help them feel full longer.

2. Coffee

Many modern people cannot live without coffee. Some people say that too much coffee will not be great for health but they must not forget that coffee actually can also be useful for burning fat. Coffee contains caffeine which is not only useful for improving mental as well as physical performance but also increasing body metabolism.

3. Eggs

Eggs surely become type of food which is very familiar for many people. It is delicious, cheap, and easy to find. In fact, eggs will also be great food choice for burning fat. It comes with high protein content which can be useful for reducing hunger, increasing fullness of the stomach, and protecting heart health. People can get more than just fat burning function from eggs.

4. Coconut Oil

If people are looking for oil which is full of health benefit, coconut oil can be the answer. It is also great option for burning fat. It is caused by high content of MCT which can be found in coconut oil. It will be useful for increasing metabolism, reducing appetite, promoting fat loss, and more importantly reducing the risk factors of heart disease.

5. Green Tea

Green tea sounds like the right option for health and losing weight. It is true that people can consider it as fat burning food because it contains caffeine as well as EGCG. Both are useful for helping people boosting metabolism. It also has function for promoting weight loss, protecting heart health, as well as reducing cancer risk.

6. Whey Protein

People will find impressive function of whey protein for their health as well as weight loss. It is useful for increasing the muscle growth. It is also great for reducing appetite and at the same time increasing the fullness. Compared to other sources of protein, it is useful better function for boosting metabolism in the body.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

People can use apple cider vinegar which can be useful for suppressing the appetite. It surely can be useful for promoting the belly fat loss. It also offers great help for reducing not only blood sugar level but also insulin level in the body.

8. Chili Pepper

Some people have great liking for spicy food but some other people do not like spicy food at all. One thing, chili peppers actually can offer great support for fat burning in the body. It is useful for boosting the metabolic rate but it can also help people to control their hunger and reduce inflammation.

9. Oolong Tea

Another type of tea which can be great for fat burning process is oolong tea. It comes with caffeine as well as catechin content which are useful for increasing the metabolic rate and also promoting fat loss.

10. Full Fat Greek Yogurt

By consuming full fat Greek yogurt, people can increase fat burning process in the body. Their appetite will be reduced and the muscle mass can be protected during the weight loss period. The gut health can also be improved by consuming this yogurt type.

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