The Difference between Yeast Infection and Trichomoniasis

Differences between yeast infection and trichomoniasis are the cause of the disease. Maybe you will get the same symptoms so you feel confused to determine the cause of the disease. You should get a proper diagnosis from the doctor because there are many women who suffer from various types of infections.

Yeast Infection

This infection is caused by an organism called Candida. The balance of bacteria present in the vagina can be disrupted by hormonal changes, stress, and chlorine water. Candida cells will grow out of control and make you get unpleasant symptoms. The symptoms consist of vaginal swelling, itching, and red. You will also feel pain during intercourse. You will also feel the sensation of burning and heat during urination. Your vagina will be white, thick, and watery. The vagina will smell yeast and look like cheese. You can also see cracks around the vagina and vulva. You should perform a vaginal health test to find out the symptoms. You can use the Hydrion pH strip to determine vaginal and yeast infections. The test can determine the condition of your vagina. You will get easily readable color changes. The vagina may determine an abnormal or normal condition. This is a very accurate test but this test cannot be performed on women who perform hormonal therapy and menopausal women.

Trichomoniasis Infection

This is a sexually transmitted disease that is harmful to you. This organism is called Trichomonas vaginalis. Symptoms of this disease are similar to other diseases. Usually, you will get a diagnosis before treatment. This infection can be treated easily. These symptoms consist of unpleasant odor. It becomes whiteness, green, yellow, gray, and white.

The Difference

The main difference between these symptoms is the smell of discharge. If the infection is yeast, then your vagina will smell yeast. If it is trichomoniasis, then your vagina will smell bad. These symptoms can be mistaken for other diseases so you have to do a test in the laboratory. You can test it at home to be comfortable. Usually, you need a test kit at an online store. You may need a sample of urine delivered to the laboratory. You can get the lab test in a matter of days using email. This is an accurate and easy test.

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How to Treat the Infection?

If you have a yeast infection, then you will get a variety of drug options. You can use free and natural prescription drugs. Aloe vera can treat your infection. The most widely used OTC drug is Monistat 7. This drug should be applied before you sleep. You must use this medicine for 7 days. The symptoms will heal after the first night so you should do all these treatments so that your vagina is not infected anymore. Pregnant women should consult before using this medication. Candida cells will survive for a long time so you must complete this treatment. If the drug does not succeed in cleansing the cell, then you can use boric acid. It is a natural anti-fungal agent that can remove bacteria in your vagina. That is the explanation of the treatment and the difference between yeast infection and trichomoniasis.

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