Common Symptoms of Trichomoniasis in Men and Women

Trichomoniasis whch also known as the trich is the sexually transmitted disease that caused by one celled protozoan called as the trichomoniasis vaginalis. This infection had been considered as the one of the most common of curable STD in United State as well. the number is around 4 million people had been infected and many of the them were older women. Most of people carry the infection also do not show any symptom. However, the symptoms can occur intermittently if the infection does not get proper treat and also easier mistaken as the symptoms of urinary tract infection (UTI). However, we might wonder whether trichomoniasis symptoms in men and women are same or not.

Some common symptoms of trichomoniasis

The common symptoms including of irritation, felling itchy, or soreness on genitals and urge to urinate frequently as well.

Here, several symptoms of trichomoniasis in men:

  • Feeling burning sensation after urinate
  • Men might feel pain after get ejaculating
  • However, this is possible for men showing the symptoms, they were less likely to exprience indicators from an infection than the women

Here, several symptoms of trichomoniasis in women:

  • Women who experiencing the discharge that related with infection of trich might show that it is white, clear, yellow or greenish along with unusual smell.
  • Swelling or redness on genital area
  • Experiencing the vaginal bleeding while not in period

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When you should get tested by doctor?

The incubation periodin in trich infection is around 5 to 28 days during the time of infecting develops and showing the symptoms, if so. This window period could be so vary from each person. This parasite also easier spread during this time and could return with false negatives test result as well. the testing for trich can be done without consider for false negatives any time after the incubation period as well. Even if the infection had been a year, the test will confirm whether there is parasite so you can get the treatment. To reduce the possibility of false negatives, wait 28 days after getting potential exposure for trichomoniasis test and ensure that you have safe sex and regular testing of STD as well.

As mentioned above that trichomoniasis can spread easily and not always show the symptoms so it could be tested if you think that you had been exposed. Without getting proper treatment, this trich can last for several months or years, and this is also impossible to get diagnose the trichomoniasis based on the symptoms alone. So, you need to consult and get test for your doctor. Diagnosing the trichomoniasis infection usually need the discharge’s sample, requiring the pelvis exam for women and the urine sample in men. However, the most invasive way is testing the trichomoniasison men or women only using simply a urine sample. The testing method which very common in women is “wet mount” that allow evaluation for discharge under the microscope to ensure whether there is parasite or not. However, trichomoniasis symptoms in men and women might not show anything.

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