5 Symptoms of Chemtrail Flu that Can Lead to Disaster

The chemtrail flu are actually similar to the ordinary flu. Therefore, many people that has this disease, doesn’t aware that they got one of the devastating condition that they ever had in their life. So, why we call this disease as devastating condition?

What Is Chemtrail Flu

First, before we talk about the symptoms, you must know what chemtrail flu really is. Actually, this disease is called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). And, like its name, someone that got this disease will have high sensitivity to many different chemical substances. This condition make the sufferer has allergic-like symptoms, when they are being exposed by those chemical substances. And, the flu-like symptoms will occurs when people has severe MCS, which in this stage it will be called chemtrail flu.

The 5 Symptoms of Chemtrail Flu

Like mentioned before, there are 5 main symptoms of this disease. They are:

1. Head Symptoms

This symptom usually occurs and attacks your head. Some of symptoms that related to this part are:

  • Headache
  • Baring fog
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Lightheaded
  • Focus and concentration problem

2. Muscle Symptoms

When you got flu, usually you also feel uncomfortable on some of part of your muscle. Chemtrail flu also has this kind of symptoms. Your muscle will feel pain, and in some case, your joints also feel pain.

3. Organ Symptoms

This is maybe the most crucifying symptoms that you can get from chemtrail flu. You will have many organ problem, which can give you uncomfortable feeling. Some of symptoms that can affect your organ are:

  • Asthmatic
  • Liver problem
  • Gallbladder dysfunction
  • Morgellons disease
  • Etc

4. Mental Symptoms

The other symptoms that you need to know is the effect that affected your mental condition. Beside problem in concentration and paying attention, some of patient also suffers other problem, such as depression, anxiety and anger problem. We can say that these patient mental conditions become unstable because of the severity of this disease.

5. Standard Flu Symptoms

There are also some of standard flu symptoms that you can get from chemtrail flu. For example, you got fever, cold and cough. This is maybe the symptoms that can mislead most of people. With these similar symptoms, they think that they are only having ordinary flu, while in reality, they have this dangerous disease.

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The Medication for Chemtrail Flu

The worst of all, it’s difficult to find medicine for this flu. The reason is most of medicine that you can find today use lot of chemical substance. On the other hand, a person that has this condition is vulnerable against these kinds of chemical substances. Therefore, if the sufferer has the flu-like symptoms and they try to cure it with standard OTC medicine for flu, they aren’t getting better. They even make their chemtrail flu become even worst. Therefore, it’s important, if you visit your doctor, if your flu doesn’t disappear after few days, even after you take medicine, enough rest and drink lot of waters. That way you will know if one of the flu symptoms that you have are one of the 5 symptoms of chemtrail flu.

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