Pros and Cons of Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment

There is a special form of treatment for tinnitus called Neuromonics. What this treatment does is it sends a specific pattern of sounds and music into your ears so that your neural pathways can be retrained. This is not something you could do by yourself because an audiologist needs to create the sounds and adjust them for your specific hearing needs. The hopeful outcome is that your symptoms of tinnitus would be reduced.

The Top 6 Pros

Here are the top 6 advantages of using Neuromonics as a treatment for your tinnitus.

  1. Listen to Music – How many health treatments can you name that involve listening to music? When you get treated for tinnitus with Neuromonics, listening to music is exactly what you will be doing. This makes it fun and easy to endure. Just don’t expect that you can make music requests because you can’t. The audiologist creates the specific music for your medical needs.
  2. Portable – You won’t have to keep going to the audiologist’s office to get the treatments. Instead, they will supply you with a small device called a Neuromonics Processor. It looks like an MP3 player that you carry around in your pocket or purse. This convenience allows you to get your Neuromonics treatment just about anywhere, such as when you’re traveling or eating.
  3. Comfortable Earphones – You will be given very high-quality earphones to use for listening to the sounds. These will be earphones that easily stay in your ears and won’t distract you from the noises in your surrounding environment.
  4. Customized – The reason this treatment can’t be purchased over the counter is that an audiologist must create a sound pattern that will work for your particular neural pathways. Therefore, you wouldn’t be able to share the processor with anyone else because yours will only work for you. Then, as you continue your treatment plan, there will be adjustments made to the acoustics of the processor.
  5. Reduces Tinnitus Symptoms – Neuromonics aims to reduce the sensation of tinnitus and its symptoms. As it retrains the pathways in your nervous system, it will make it so you don’t hear the ringing noises as much or as often as you used to.
  6. Specialist Treatment – Instead of just going to an ordinary ear doctor, you will be receiving the Neuromonics treatment from an audiologist who specializes in treating tinnitus. There are not too many specialists with these qualifications out there.

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The Top 3 Cons

Here are the top 3 disadvantages of using Neuromonics as a treatment for your tinnitus.

  1. Expensive – The typical Neuromonics tinnitus treatment will cost around $5,000. This price includes the equipment fees, counseling sessions, and phone consultations. However, this price does not include the cost of the initial consultation where an audiologist evaluates your tinnitus. If it turns out that your tinnitus is not too severe, then you may only have to undergo a simple treatment that won’t cost as much money.
  2. No Guarantees – There is no guarantee that Neuromonics will cure you of tinnitus. In many cases, patients have said that it makes living with tinnitus more tolerable. There have been fewer cases where the tinnitus went away entirely, although it has happened. So, you shouldn’t go into it with any high expectations of what the outcome will be.
  3. Long Treatment – If you’re thinking this is a fast treatment solution to your tinnitus, then you need to think again. The Neuromonics treatments will last for up to 6 months. After that, you’ll still need to regularly visit the audiologist for follow-up consultations. So, be prepared to make a big commitment of your time and effort into this treatment solution.

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