Healthy diet to treat keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pilaris is the common skin condition. At least 15% of American teens and adult had been suffered from it. Luckily, this is not entail for other significant health damage, but it could be a nuisance, especially when you are very pick about your skin look, there are many options for keratosis pilaris treatment. As we know that keratosis pilaris was the fancy name for the infancy skin condition that also used to be called as “chicken skin”. It presents you with small and rough bump skin which also often inflamed or redness and dry as well. the common affected locations, such as: thighs, buttock, cheeck and back. Most of sites will recommend you with topical cures to treat keratosis pilaris. However, the most iportant thing to know about the treatment of keratosis pilaris was that it absolutely starts from the inside. You might make small changes in your skin’s condition with external factor, but you never get long term freedom from keratosis pilaris without handling the underlying conditions inside your body which can cause it and make keratosis pilaris forms in the first place. One of the ways is healthy diet that can give your skin better condition. So, you might wonder about can diet affect keratosis pilaris?

Natural dietary changes which can help you to treat keratosis pilaris

You should know that Vitamin A, D and K are the most important to support the skin health and eliminate the keratosis pilaris. There are several ways to help you eliminate keratosis pilaris in your healthy diet:

  • You should focus on the nutrient density
  • Eat appropriate amount of carbs and fat for your body need
  • Remove the inflammatory food.

The nutrient density food

Here several most nutrient dense foods, they are:

  • Organ meet
  • Eggs
  • Veggies and fruits
  • Cold water fish, such as: salmon
  • The grass fed butter.

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However, greens were a great option, although only really the robust vegetables which can really do your wonders as well. So, this is important to include these foods above in your diet on the regular basis. This is better to eat at least one or two eggs every day, at least 2 portions of green veggies everyday and at least one portion fermentation food and at least you can eat organ meats align with fish minimum 4 times in a month. Beyond, you adding the nutrient density food in your regular base, this is also important to eliminate the food which can slower your nutrient absorbing. Several nutrient blocking foods as far is grain. The grain products, such as: cereal, paste, bread, etc containing big amount of molecules which called as phytonutrients. The phytonutrients were insidious as well. They will tie up the needed nutrient for your body. For example, if you eat a bowl of veggies, then later you get bread, you will absorb less nutrient thay you eat that veggie alone. So, you can consider that food into and you get answer related with, can diet affect keratosis pilaris?

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