Gonococcal Arthritis Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Preventions

A person had been contacted gonorrhea which also sexually transmitted sexual are more susceptible have the gonococcal arthritis. If this disease is not treated properly and effectively, the inflammation joint could be debilitating as well. the sexual relation along with the everyday normal activities could become impaired significantly, in case if this infection was not handle immediately.


As mentioned above that gonococcal arthritis is the infection on join. This happen for those who have the gonorrhea which caused by Neisseria Gonorrhoeae bacteria. Gonococcal arthritis can affect women more than the men, and this is common happen among the sexually active of adolescent girl.

There are two forms of gonococcal arthritis, they are:

  • One of the form including of skin rash and several joints, usually the large joints, such as: wrist, ankle and knee.
  • Second is the less common from which involving of spreading the bacteria through the blood. This is also cause the injection on joint and sometime more than one joint.

Common symptoms

Here, several symptoms of gonococcal arthritis:

–       fever

–       pain on hands or the wrist because of the tendon inflammation

–       having lower abdominal pain

–       getting joint paint around 1 to 4 days

–       burn or pain sensation during urinating

–       the skin rash, such as: pink to red and sometime contain of the pus or appear in purple.

–       Having single joint pain


You should know that this gonococcal arthritis should be treated properly. There are 2 aspects to treat the sexually transmitted disease, especially this one that easier to spread. Firstly, curing the infected person, then finding, testing and treat all of the sexual contacts in infected person in order to prevent the further spread. There are several locations which allow you to get counseling information and treatment. In other location, the health department might contact your partner. The routine treatment also had been recommended by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention or CDC. Then your health care provider will decide what the best treatment for you. The follow up visit also held during 7 days after treatment is important as well. if the infection is complicated, this is need to recheck the blood test and ensure that the infection was cured. You should know that if gonorrhea was contracted to you, the incubation period is around 2 to 7 days after had been exposed with this infection.

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You should not have sexual activity that becomes the only method in preventing the gonorrhea. The monogamous sexual with the person which you do not know whether have any STD or not, is so effective to reduce your risk. The monogamous means that you and your partner should not have sex with another person. You are able to reduce your risk of STD infection by using the condom very time you have sex activity. Plus, treating all of the sexual partners is so important to prevent the re-infection in the future.

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