General Information about Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis or trich is the sexually transmitted infection (STI) and this is very common. According the CDC around 3,7 million Americans had been infected with trichomoniasis in any given time. luckily, this trich is easily to be treated. However, it could be the real surprise when you find out that you had it, but there is good news that this is not usually that serious and could be cured for most cases as mentioned above. However, not all of peoples understand what is trichomoniasis.

What things that can cause trichomoniasis?

Trich had been caused by the one celled protozoan organism which known as the Trichomonas virginals. It do travel from one to one person through the genital contact during the sex activity. On women, the organism can lead the infection in urethra, vagina, or even both as well. As soon as infection had been started, the virus can easier to be spread through the unprotected genital contact as well. So, you should know that Trich is not spread by physical contact, such as: sharing plate, hugging or sitting on toilet. So, this infection cannot be spread through the sexual contact which does not include of genital contact. This is the only way why you’ve got it.

There are several symptoms of trichomoniasis

Sometimes, Trich has no symptoms at all. The CDC also reported that only 30% of peoples who have trich reporting any symptom. In one research, 85% women which had been affected do not show any symptoms at all. When the symptoms occur, they often begin to show after 28 days after getting infected. Although for some peoples also take more time as well.

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The common symptoms that occur in women:

  • There is genital burning of feeling itchy
  • Getting vaginal discharged, that can be yellow, white, or green and usually come along with frothy and unwanted smell as well.
  • There is vaginal spotting or experiencing bleeding
  • You feel urge to urinate frequently
  • Redness and swelling around the genital area
  • Feeling pain during urinate or sexual activity.

Here, common symptoms in men:

  • Feeling burning when urinate or after ejaculation as well.
  • Discharging from urethra
  • You feel urge to urinate frequently

So, what are the risk factors of trichomoniasis?

One million of new cases for trich were estimated on each year, according the CDC and American Sexual Health Association. This trichomoniasis is more common happen in women with infection in the range of 14 and 49 years old. This is common occur in older women than the younger women as well. one research showed that women above 40 years old were twice likely to be infected .

The risk infection can increase because of several things, they are:

  • The history getting other condom
  • Having multiple sexual partners
  • Sex activity without using condom
  • Having previous trich infection

So, the trich symptoms were also similar with other STI’s and cannot be diagnosed only by the symptoms alone. You should contact your doctor for physical exam and laboratory test. This article gives you general information about what is trichomoniasis.

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