How Long BRAT Diet After Stomach Flu?

How long BRAT diet after stomach flu? If you really care about your health problem, this type of questions might be wandering around your head. However, some people might still unfamiliar with the term of BRAT diet. Therefore, to be fair, this article will give some explanations about it first before answering the question.

What does it mean by the term of BRAT diet?

BRAT diet is actually the acronym of Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast diet. After having stomach flu, some experts suggest that it is good to have BRAT diet. In fact, having stomach flu could make the infected person feel miserable. If the infected person did not pay attention to the condition after having stomach flu carefully, it has the possibility to cause exhaustion and even dehydration. Therefore it is good to take BRAT diet program to prevent the two horrifying possibilities above.

What are the benefits of taking BRAT diet?

This diet program runs well for all gender and age. Therefore, every people could take the advantages offered by this diet program explained briefly as follows:

  1. The foods chosen in this diet program considered as binding food. It means that this kind of food has bland, low fiber as well as starchy characteristics. By these characteristics, the food combination makes this diet program has the ability to firmer our stools.
  2. Since stomach flu often causes vomit as well as diarrhea, our body has the high possibility to lose many kinds of nutrients. Because of this problem, we need to replace the nutrients needed so that our body could perform a good metabolism process as soon as possible to help our body to recover. One of the simplest ways is by consuming the food combination suggested by BRAT diet program. All foods includes in the BRAT diet program list is having high nutrient. One of the samples is banana that has high concentration of vitamin as well as potassium.
  3. If you are a woman that is in the middle of pregnancy, then it is even better to take this brad diet program. Why? Because this diet program is capable of helping to get rid of nausea as well as vomiting often experienced by pregnant woman who infected by stomach flu.

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Important things to consider

Before taking this diet program, you need to consider some important things such as:

  1. Not all foods suggested in BRAT diet program is suitable for every people. Therefore, it is better to consult with the doctor first.
  2. When you feel that your body has totally recovered, it would be better for you to return in your normal and healthy diet. It is because the BRAT diet program does not provide all important nutrients needed in healthy lifestyle daily. Around 24 until 48 hours after having diarrhea, you should start leaving the BRAT diet program and add the food combination as you have in your normal diet. Those foods might include fruits as well as vegetables. We hope this explanation could satisfy your question about how long BRAT diet after stomach flu.

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