What Does Arthritis Condition Look Like? There are 2 Ways to Analyze it

There are 2 common ways to diagnoses of of Arthritis Condition . Those are diagnosing from the symptoms and taking MRI scan. Let’s discuss more about those two diagnoses so you can understand what kind of disease arthritis is.

MRI Scan to Know Arthritis

It is one of the best ways to know the condition of your arthritis. By using MRI scane , the condition can be seen clearly including the condition of joint, tears, and strains. You should lie on a specific table. Then, the doctor will adjust the table and move it to the MRI machine. Your doctor will analyze and diagnose by seeing the result of the MRI scan. In the case of osteoarthritis you will see some damages on the cartilage. You are suffered from bone spurs as well as excess swelling of fluid around the joint. There will be also tears in ligament and it is the reason why you feel extremely pain. Later, your doctor also gives you the result of MRI scan so you can clearly see the image. While seeing the MRI scanning image, the doctor will explain it to you so you know exactly what does arthritis condition look like.

Analyze the Symptoms to Know Arthritis

Before going to the doctor and take the MRI scan, you can also predict whether you are suffered from arthritis or not by seeing the symptoms. There are several general symptoms you should notice as the early phase of arthritis. The list below is the common symptoms you might be worried about.


Just be careful if you are suffered from unusual fatigue than before. It might be the sign of arthritis. The unusual fatigue means that you are suffered it for a few days and then gone. But, after a few days you feel it again without any specific causes. Sometimes, it is followed by unhealthy condition and even depression.

Morning Stiffness

It is better a little bit worry if you are suffered from morning stiffness in the morning. It will be a problem if the stiffness last for a few minutes and it attacks you regularly. The longer you fill the stiffness the possibility of suffered from arthritis is bigger. For women, you might be attacked by arthritis if you feel the stiffness after your period time even if you take a nap or sit. It is better to go to the doctor if you also suffered from joint stiffness around your hands regularly.

Joint Pain

The most common arthritis symptom is that you feel paint around your joints. The pain can be appeared anytime whether when you move or rest. The common pain is around your fingers, wrist, knees, feet, ankles, and shoulder. So, if you are suffered from those symptoms, it is a must for you to go to the doctor for further analysis whether you are suffered from arthritis or not.

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Hopefully, the information above helps you to know the sign of arthritis and also what you should do if you are visiting the doctor. The most important thing is that you are also understands more about what arthritis condition look like.

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