5 Easy Ways to Prevent Trichomoniasis

Is there any 5 easy ways to prevent trichomoniasis? What are they? Indeed, preventing is always better than curing. It takes great awareness and effort for someone to start doing things that could prevent any kinds of disease. Because what we are talking about in this article is trichomoniasis, it will be a little rude if we do not give a brief explanation about this disease first.

To begin with, trichomoniasis is on of the diseases in the Sexually Transferred Disease (STD). This disease is primarily a type of infection in the urinary tract or vaginal area of a woman. On the other hand, men could experience the urethral disruption but nearly all men are only act as the carrier of this disease. The danger of this disease is that it could trigger other STD to occur which then lead to worse damage. To prevent this disease fromm infecting you, you could do the following five easy ways:

Test yourself

If you were a type of an active person in sexual activity, then it would be better to have a sexual health check up regularly. You could find a sexual health clinic, or you could also go to genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic in your area. If one day you realized that you have a symptom of STD then visit your GUM or sexual health clinic immediately.

Practice a safe sex

If you positively infected by trichomoniasis then it would be better for you to let your partner know. Make sure you tell him or her before you start having sexual relationship so that both of you could a proper way to face the problem together. If you realize that you have the symptoms of this disease or in the treating process, it will be better for you to avoid any intimate sexual contact. Please mind too that you better not having more than one sex partners at the same time because it will decrease the risk of getting STD.

Use condom; for male

It will be better to use condom every time you have vaginal as well as anal sex. Trichomoniasis is a type of disease that spread throughout the contact of sexual fluids such as semen (cum), vaginal fluids or even pre-cum fluids. Therefore, using condom might be an easy way to prevent this disease to spread.

Use condom; for female

It is not only the male that is responsible to take a proper care in the sexual activity, but female is also should concern about it. It is better for female to cover the genitals using polyurethane square or a dam as well as latex. It is also better not to share your sex toys.

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If you are infected, do not spread to another

If you infected by trichomoniasis you need to tell your past or even present sex partner so that they may have a test. Do not have a sex until your symptoms gone or after you finish your treatment. If it is your partner who had this disease then make sure that they treated well before having a sex. This is the last of 5 easy ways to prevent trichomoniasis that you can do.

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